The city offers a range of fun activities for kids to enjoy. Yard sales, craft stores, flying a kite, and Independent learning time are some of the options available. In addition to the above, the city is also home to many great local businesses. Read on to learn more about summer homeschooling in Kalgoorlie-Boulder.


Yard sales

Yard sales are a great way to raise money for your summer homeschooling activities in Kalgoorlie-Boulder. The best thing to do is to check with local homeschool groups in your area. They’re the easiest to notify of any changes. Look for these groups in the main navigation bar.


Flying a kite

Flying a kite is a great activity for kids of all ages. You can buy elaborate kites, or you can make a simple one. One preschool teacher made one with a 3-year-old by decorating plastic grocery bags with markers and a long piece of yarn tied to the handles. They then placed them on the playground during a windy afternoon.

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Flying a kite requires a steady wind. If the wind is strong, you may have to adjust the kite’s line. When the wind is strong, you might feel like giving up. Luckily, there are several great places to fly a kite.


Avoiding school socialisation

One of the most common questions asked by homeschooling parents is how to avoid school socialisation. The answer varies depending on the circumstances. Many homeschooling parents want to avoid early sexualisation, bullying, and the glorification of drugs. Others want their children to develop strong family relationships. In addition, homeschooling children can provide them with a stronger sense of identity.

When registering for homeschooling, parents will need to come up with a personal plan for each child. This plan must include content and assessment. The plan should address the NSW curriculum and use the chosen approach for covering the content. Generally, an Authorised Person will visit a homeschooler and assess the educational plan and program. An Authorised Person will also examine the learning area and recording and reporting methods. Many homeschooling parents will be happy to attend these meetings.

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