Summer homeschooling in Grindewald can be fun. Summers are traditionally a time for slowing down and enjoying life, but if you are constantly busy with work, it can be difficult to enjoy this time. Rather than rushing around, why not let your child lead the summer experience without you interfering? You are not a teacher; you are merely a guide and discovery assistant. If your child wants to learn, let them!


Summer homeschooling in Grindelwald allows for seamless evolutions in learning

The concept of seamless learning is the seamless integration of different modes of learning into one single, cohesive system. This system integrates resources and teachers with physical and virtual environments. It also combines formal and informal learning. This concept aims to solve the asymmetry and limitation of the supply of learning resources, thereby facilitating a seamless learning experience.

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The seamless learning system consists of five modules: the demand module, the resource module, the carrier module, and the management module. Each module is based on the other. During the development process, the various elements are closely integrated. The integration platform supports the dynamic extensibility of curriculum resource data and teacher data.