If you’re looking for ways to spend your summer vacation, you might want to consider summer homeschooling in George Town for your kids. Children who have been homeschooled have been found to have better grades on achievement tests, and they’re more social and adaptable. Homeschooled children also have a greater chance of meeting like-minded people.


Homeschooled children score higher on achievement tests

There is an increasing body of evidence that homeschooled children perform better on achievement tests than their public school counterparts. Studies conducted by homeschool advocacy groups, for example, show that children who attend homeschooling programs score thirty to forty percentage points higher on standardized tests than their public schooled peers. However, such studies often use samples from volunteers without adjusting for background variables. These studies are not generalizable and are often called into question by other researchers.

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Although standardized tests are not required in every state, it is common for public school students to take them. Although homeschoolers do not have to take SAT or ACT, they are more likely to pursue college. Although there are many myths and misunderstandings about homeschooling and standardized tests, homeschooled children have been proven to score higher on achievement tests than their public schooled counterparts.

In a study published in the Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science, researchers compared the performance of homeschooled children with their peers. This included results from standardized tests that measure children’s academic abilities and social skills. Children who attended homeschooling programs scored significantly higher on the Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scale than their public schooled peers.

Despite the many claims made by homeschool advocates, the data show that homeschooled students score higher on standardized tests, including the SAT and ACT. This is despite the low number of homeschoolers who took the test. Furthermore, the SAT and ACT scores of homeschoolers show a greater disparity between math and verbal abilities.

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