If you’re planning on summer homeschooling for your children, you may be wondering how to make the most of your time. Here are four resources for summer homeschooling in Whittlesea that you may find helpful. They range from Zoo memberships to Museum memberships, and from Ambleside Online to Book clubs.


Book clubs

Book clubs for summer homeschooling in Whittlesea are a wonderful way to keep your children engaged during the summer months. These groups are a great way to stay connected to friends and family, and also give your children a chance to read something they may not have otherwise considered.

Book clubs are a great way for your child to discuss books with others and apply the lessons learned. Many of these groups meet in person, while others meet online. Some of these book clubs also feature video chats. It is important to pre-register for these clubs to ensure that you’ll have enough space for your group.

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Book Clubs are great for summer homeschooling kids because they incorporate supplemental activities that are similar to the content of a middle school or high school literature class. The best part is that they can be adapted to your family’s needs. Some Book Clubs even feature writing assignments that help your child explore concepts deeper. The authors, Sabrina and Michelle, also provide meaningful feedback for final drafts of students’ work.


Museum memberships

Museum memberships are great gifts for your child or loved one. Not only do they help them learn, but they also provide the opportunity to interact with and see new things. Most of these establishments offer free wi-fi and computers, so your child can use them to complete their schoolwork. Moreover, many zoos and museums offer reciprocal memberships, which means that you can visit participating establishments for free or at a discounted rate. You can also buy a membership at your local zoo, which will give you access to zoos in other cities.

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Zoo memberships

Homeschooling families can take advantage of the many resources available at the Whittlesea Zoo. For one, the zoo offers several thematic programs to supplement your curriculum. These programs offer up-close animal encounters and hands-on activities. They also offer education admission rates. To take advantage of this price, you must register in advance.

Members can use these discounts to get admission to the Zoo during the day. The Riverbanks Zoo and Garden offers programs specifically for homeschoolers ages three through twelve. Each class is designed to be fun and educational and requires a liability waiver signed by each student before they can enter. Some classes explore a different topic each month. There will be several time and day options for the classes, so you can schedule a class that works with your schedule. Each class will include lessons, activities, and a walk through the Zoo.

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Ambleside Online

If you’re looking for an affordable, effective homeschool curriculum for your children, consider AmblesideOnline. This program focuses on challenging and engaging literature and academics. The reading lists offered by AmblesideOnline range from pre-kindergarten to grade 12, and include transition lists for students moving to the program later in the game. Although the lists are not comprehensive, they introduce kids to excellent texts. Moreover, AmblesideOnline offers a supportive community that provides help with curriculum planning and book lists.

The AmblesideOnline curriculum is free, and you can adjust it to your child’s needs. The curriculum also includes a wide range of activities and book suggestions that you can use in your homeschooling. It’s a collaborative effort by several homeschool moms, and it features comprehensive reading lists, term exams, background on Mason, and hundreds of free e-texts for each topic.