There are many free resources for summer homeschooling in Warrnambool, Victoria. These include the Smithsonian Learning Lab, Easy Peasy, Ambleside Online, and Rock by Rock. These sites are great for exploring local history, nature, and more.


Easy Peasy

Whether you’re a first-time homeschooler or you’re looking for a more comprehensive curriculum, the Easy Peasy curriculum has it all. There are resources for every grade level, from preschool through eighth grade. You can choose from a variety of programs, and they’re free. You can also purchase workbooks and printable worksheets.

The Easy Peasy curriculum includes a wide variety of subjects, including science and history. It’s a free online homeschooling curriculum designed for the whole family. It also comes with Facebook support and troubleshooting support. It’s also Christian based, so you can rest easy knowing that your children are learning in a Christian environment. The lessons are varied, and the children are likely to find them interesting.


Smithsonian Learning Lab

If you are looking for resources to enrich your summer homeschooling in Warrnambool, try the Smithsonian Learning Lab. It is an online, collaborative library of educational content from 19 museums and nine research centres. It features millions of digital objects and lesson plans tied to national learning standards. Students can browse or create collections.

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The Smithsonian Learning Lab is designed to redefine learning. The curated collections contain information from innovative scientific research programs. In addition, archival materials, letters, diaries, and articles on historic writers can be studied. These resources can be used to further student understanding of scientific concepts and improve critical thinking.


Ambleside Online

The curriculum at AmblesideOnline is challenging but not too hard. You can even enrol your child in a year below their grade level. Some children are still very young and may not be ready to start Year 1 of history at age seven. Depending on your child’s reading level, you may also need to wait a year to start Year 2 of history.

There are three different levels of curriculum: elementary, middle, and high school. The first level is for young children and the second is for older children. Both levels use the House of Education program (HEO). AmblesideOnline’s high school program is a full curriculum that takes students from kindergarten to year twelve. It is designed to help families plan their educational journeys, and an HEO forum allows parents to discuss questions. For parents of young children, the forum allows you to get general support, as well as help with HEO book lists and schedules.

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Rock by Rock

If you’re looking for a flexible and fun homeschooling resource for the summer months, consider Rock by Rock. This website offers a wide range of projects that develop literacy and STEAM skills. The resources include hands-on projects and self-directed online lessons. They also encourage kids to apply what they learn in science and literacy to the real world.



You can make the most of your summer homeschooling in Warrnambool experience by making use of Smithsonian resources. The Smithsonian Affiliate network has a wealth of educational resources that support national, state, and local learning standards. These resources will help your child learn about the history, culture, and science of the Smithsonian Institution.

One of the resources that we highly recommend for summer homeschooling is the Smithsonian’s online activity guides. They feature activities, crafts, games, and projects to inspire learning about history, science, and technology. We’re talking about hundreds of activities and projects that you can complete with your child during the summer months. These guides will provide hours of educational fun for your child.

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826 Digital

826 National recently launched a new project called 826 Digital that brings together resources used in 826 programs across the country. They include flexible lesson plans, writing samples, prompts curriculum guides, and more. These resources were developed by teachers, volunteers, and 826 staff. They are also available in a pay-what-you-wish system.