There are several resources for summer homeschooling in Wallaroo. Community-supported homeschooling is one of them. Another option is the Easy Peasy program. You can even get sports vouchers to help with your homeschooling expenses. Whatever you choose, homeschooling during the summer can be a great way to make the most of your summer break.


Community supported homeschooling

Community-supported summer homeschooling in Wallaroo is an initiative that offers support for families in this rural suburb of Perth, South Australia. It provides information about starting a co-op, resources for members, and connections to other homeschooling co-ops in the area.

Homeschooling in South Australia can be a challenging and lonely task, and a community support group can help make your journey less solitary. There are numerous community support groups in Australia, and you can find one near you. Look for one that fits your needs and interests.

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Choosing home education requires several factors, including the choice of an appropriate education program, a positive learning environment, and opportunities for social interaction. While the Department of Education and Children’s Services does not obligate itself to provide local support, it is worth considering your options. Home educators are responsible for meeting the requirements set by the Department of Education and Child Services.


Easy Peasy program

The Easy Peasy program for summer homeschooling in Wallaroo is an excellent option for those looking to supplement a standard school curriculum. The program’s curriculum includes subjects such as biology, ancient through medieval history, early American history, five science lab courses, physical education, comparative government, and physics. It also includes links to additional resources. Some of these are free, while others cost money.

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The Easy Peasy program is an online homeschool curriculum that is free to use. It includes lessons for preschool through eighth grade and also includes Bible, music, and art. There is even a separate website for high school students. Each lesson is laid out as an online lesson plan with links to additional resources. Many of the materials are interactive and include content, so your child can take screenshots of their work and keep track of their progress.


Sports vouchers

The Sports Vouchers program is a government initiative in South Australia that offers a $100 discount on the registration fees for various sports, dance and learn to swim activities. These vouchers are a great way to get your children involved in their local community while at the same time eliminating cost as a barrier.

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Free and inexpensive resources

In South Australia, homeschooling parents can register their children at the school that their child attends. They can do so by completing an application form. The form includes information about the child, identification and a Statutory Declaration. Then, the homeschooler must explain how the children will cover the curriculum and what they will do to assess their progress. Once registered, they must also submit a six-month reporting pack. This is where they detail their plans for the next six-month period of registration.

One of the best resources for summer homeschooling in Wallaroo is the library. Most libraries have computers and wi-fi for parents to use. Libraries are a great place to find free and inexpensive homeschooling resources.