If you’re thinking about homeschooling this summer, we have some great resources for summer homeschooling in Wallan that you’ll love. These include Smile and Learn, Easy Peasy, Math Mammoth, and Ambleside Online. These resources can help you create a structured curriculum for your kids while ensuring that they are enjoying learning at their own pace.


Math Mammoth

The Math Mammoth course is a flexible and engaging way for homeschoolers to teach math to their kids. The lessons are designed to be self-paced and the online version of the program offers free video instruction. The program’s creator is a veteran homeschooler who clearly explains the basic concepts. The text is clear and the lessons use a variety of visuals to explain them.

The Math Mammoth curriculum follows a mastery-based approach, meaning that some topics are studied till mastery in a single chapter, while others are developed over multiple grades. This method encourages students to apply and think of solutions, which is different from the “tight” spirals used in most elementary school curricula. It also focuses on number sense and reasoning, which is important for future success in higher math.

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Math Mammoth has several levels, ranging from beginner to advanced. These books are organized by grade level and include full teaching material with exercises, tests, and cumulative reviews. They are also inexpensive, making them a great choice for homeschoolers on a budget.


Smile and Learn

Smile and Learn is an online language immersion program that includes 360-degree games, interactive stories, and videos. Its innovative approach strengthens multiple intelligences and fosters critical thinking while establishing dual-language competence and 21st-century skills. Created by Emmy Award winner Mark Kistler, Smile and Learn has helped millions of children learn to draw in 3-D and learn multiple languages. Using these resources, your children can learn Spanish or English and discover their unique potential.


Ambleside Online

If you’re looking for summer homeschooling in Wallan curriculum, consider using Ambleside Online. This online homeschooling program offers a free Charlotte Mason curriculum. It is designed for grades seven through twelve. Its online forums provide general support and help with book lists and schedules.

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Easy Peasy

The Easy Peasy summer homeschooling in Wallan curriculum is a free resource that uses a mixture of traditional homeschool methods and Charlotte Mason techniques to educate children. The lessons are organized day by day and include printable activity sheets. If you wish to add more depth to the curriculum, you can buy one of Easy Peasy’s workbooks or download a free worksheet for each lesson.

One of the greatest advantages of the Easy Peasy curriculum is the fact that it requires no planning on the part of parents, and it also offers Facebook and troubleshooting support. In addition to that, the curriculum incorporates a Christian worldview, making it a great option for homeschooling families on a budget. Parents can expect their children to enjoy learning about subjects that interest them, and the lessons can be flexible enough to suit varying schedules.

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