There are a lot of resources for summer homeschooling in Sunbury. If you’re looking for free resources, consider joining a homeschool buyer’s club. You can also join a Museum, Zoo, or online community, such as Ambleside Online.


Museum memberships

If you’re looking for fun summer homeschooling in Sunbury activities for your children, consider visiting the Museum of Science and Technology in Sunbury. This Victorian-era museum features hands-on activities and a film describing the history of this colonial port. Museum memberships are free with the purchase of a homeschooling program.

LICM members enjoy unlimited free admission, early admission before general admission, special Member events, and a 10% discount at the Museum Store. They’re also eligible for free admission at more than 200 children’s museums and science centres around the world. Membership in LICM is also tax-deductible.

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Zoo memberships

Homeschoolers can save money on their Zoo memberships by using the Zoo’s free programs and classes. These programs are designed to promote the love of nature and the wonder of animals. They include activities, crafts, and games to promote learning and connection to animals. Zoo Explorers classes are offered once a month and are a great way to introduce your children to the wonders of nature. Each class includes an animal encounter, lesson, and walk through the Zoo.


Ambleside Online

AmblesideOnline is a great curriculum for children aged six and up. Its progressive year structure is designed to challenge children with more difficult books. Your child should be able to follow the six-book schedule without too much trouble. This homeschooling program focuses on quality over quantity.

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To ensure your child’s success, carefully choose books that are challenging but do not cause frustration. Some parents choose books based on their child’s reading level, while others go by the booklist for each AmblesideOnline Year. However, it’s important to remember that children who aren’t good readers may have trouble advancing through these books.

If you’re planning on summer homeschooling in Sunbury, AmblesideOnline is a good choice. Its high school program, called HEO, has been used by hundreds of students. You can choose to follow the program’s recommended curriculum or create your own customized program.



Summer Homeschooling in Sunbury for your children can be fun. Konos has a wide range of resources to help you achieve this goal. They have thousands of hands-on activities that will help you impart academic information and create memorable memories. Their curriculum is based on the belief that true learning is more than just answering questions and it should incorporate all 5 senses.

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