There are many resources for summer homeschooling in Richmond and many of them can be found in libraries. Most libraries offer free wi-fi and make computers available to patrons. Another great resource is zoo or museum memberships. Many zoos offer reciprocal memberships, which means that you can use your membership at another zoo in your area for free or at a low cost. In addition, your local zoo membership may also give you access to zoos across the country.


Learning through animals

If your child is summer homeschooling in Richmond, you may be interested in using a lapbook for learning about animals. Lapbooks are a fun way to learn about animals and learn more about the way they live. They can use this activity to learn about migration, hibernation, and adaptation. Here are a few ways to use one this summer.


Ambleside Online

AmblesideOnline is a homeschooling curriculum designed for children who are six years old or older. It is an accelerated program that requires a lot more preparation than other curriculums. You will find that the books your child will be reading are more difficult than most seventh-graders books. But that does not mean that your child should give up. AmblesideOnline allows your child to finish the program up to Year 12, meaning that your child will have read senior high-level books.

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The schedule includes a variety of books that teach the history of the United States. The curriculum follows a chronological timeline, allowing you to study American history and the rise of western civilization. There are several different history books to choose from, but there are also a few books specifically designed for younger children.


826 Digital

If your family is considering summer homeschooling in Richmond, 826 Digital has many great resources for your summer homeschooling needs. The 826 Digital website offers downloadable materials for teaching the arts, including creative writing, science, and math. It also has writing projects and lesson plans for each grade level.

While 826 Digital isn’t a fully interactive website, it has a vast library of printable materials for grades one through twelve. You can also download a free teen driver’s education program or Spanish lessons for your children. Other resources to help your family homeschool in Richmond include Colonial Driving School, which offers Spanish, math, and Economics courses. There are also resources for adults through Learning through Animals.

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Book clubs

If you’re looking for a way to make summer homeschooling in Richmond more fun, book clubs can be a great option. Many of these programs are online and have flexible schedules. You can sign up for a monthly or quarterly membership that suits your family’s needs. You can also choose to customize your child’s membership to meet his or her interests.

You can host book clubs as small as two families, but if you are interested in creating a larger group, you can split the group into smaller groups. Eight or fewer people is ideal so that everyone gets a say in the discussion and can form friendships. If you have more than eight people, you can split into smaller groups, like our girls’ book club. In that case, parents can lead discussions.


Museum memberships

Museums have a variety of programs to appeal to different age groups. Typically, a museum membership costs $8 per student, but it is possible to get discounted admission rates if you organize a homeschool group in advance. Museums also have educational programs and scavenger hunts that complement the museum visit.

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For homeschooling parents looking for hands-on learning experiences, many libraries offer computers and free wi-fi. Zoo and museum memberships can make great holiday gifts for children. Many zoos also offer reciprocal memberships, which allow members to visit participating locations at a discounted or free rate. One membership may give you access to several zoos throughout the country.


Mathnasium of Red Mill

If you’re looking for a way to improve your child’s math skills over the summer, consider enrolling them in a Mathnasium of Red Mill summer program. The Mathnasium Method provides a unique approach to teaching math that enables students to grasp concepts and develop deep understanding. The program is designed to build excitement and enthusiasm for learning and to help your child gain a solid foundation in math.

The Mathnasium of Red Mill in Richmond offers quality, hands-on classes for PreK-12 students. These classes are offered in a variety of venues, including online, in schools, and the local community. Students may also participate in STEM classes, as well as classes geared toward the arts. Additionally, your child can take occupational, speech-language, feeding, and social skills therapy classes.