There are a variety of resources for summer homeschooling in Paraburdoo, Western Australia. Some resources are free, but there are also some resources that you should avoid. For example, you may want to avoid Zoo membership or museum membership. In these cases, there are some other options that you can use.


Lessons from a homeschooler

One of the best ways to avoid summer brain drain is to make goals for the summer. Make a list of all the things your children would like to learn over the summer. It can help them feel empowered about their education and become more invested in it.


Free resources to avoid

The Home Education Advisory Panel is a group established under the School Education Act 1999 to review the Director General’s decisions and the Home Education Policy. Members of this group have access to discounted resources and free resources that are designed to help Australian homeschoolers teach their children.

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Homeschooling parents can use various online resources to help them teach their children. Among these resources is the Everbright Kids magazine. This at-home learning magazine includes educational content, fun arts and crafts, and delicious recipes. Another resource is the eSpired Library, which has more than 25,000 titles that empower parents to homeschool their children anywhere and anytime.


Museum memberships

If you’re planning a summer homeschooling in Paraburdoo program, you may want to consider purchasing museum memberships. Most of these places offer free wi-fi, and some even have computers available to patrons. These memberships are an excellent gift idea, and many homeschooling families choose to give them as gifts during the holiday season. In addition, many zoos have reciprocal membership programs, which allow members to visit other participating zoos for free or at a discounted rate. Also, a local member may give you access to zoos and museums across the country.

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In addition to purchasing a membership, you may also choose to join the Karrinyup and Surrounds Homeschoolers, a group of families who homeschool in the Perth area. Although aimed primarily at parents of junior-primary-aged children, members with younger children are also welcome. This group aims to provide a welcoming and supportive environment for homeschoolers.


Zoo memberships

If you are summer homeschooling in Paraburdoo, you can take advantage of discounted Zoo memberships. Zoo memberships are only $2 per person, and you can also use them to attend special educational programs. These programs are geared toward children who are aged three to 12 years old. You can also purchase memberships for your entire group.

There is a group for Perth-area homeschoolers and parents of gifted children. This group aims to provide a supportive and helpful space for all home educators. Members can share resources and ideas, and organize field trips and classes.

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Google Calendar

You don’t have to be a homeschooling whiz to use Google Calendar for homeschooling. This calendar app allows you to keep track of field trips, reading logs, and more. You can use it on any device and have a separate calendar for each student. This will help you keep track of their schedules and make sure they are always on track.

Google Calendar is one of the most useful calendar apps available and has a user-friendly interface. It works on most electronic devices and is compatible with any Google account. It also has colour coding, which can help you differentiate between teaching time and field trips. In addition, Google Calendar has a built-in map integration. It also has a handy lesson planner that makes it easy to schedule recurring assignments, get into the details of assignments, and grade them.