Whether you are looking for ideas for your child or are looking for more information, there are plenty of resources for summer homeschooling in Murray Bridge. The library, the Art Gallery of South Australia, Resilient Kicks, and Goalstar Rewards are all fantastic options for families living in the area.


Art Gallery of South Australia

If you are planning a summer homeschooling in Murray Bridge, South Australia, one of the best places to take your children is the Art Gallery of South Australia (AGSA). The AGSA is known for its extensive collections of Australian art, including Indigenous art, colonial art, nineteenth-century works, and furniture. It also has a large collection of South Australian art, including paintings and photographs.

Originally built with a portico, the Art Gallery of South Australia underwent a significant refurbishment in 1936. This included a new facade in the Doric style, and major extensions included a three-storey addition on the north side and ancillary facilities. Today, the building is part of the South Australian Heritage Register. The building also houses a 64-kWh battery storage system and three 7.5 kW Selectronic inverters that help to control the gallery’s power usage.

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An art gallery is an excellent option for summer homeschooling in Murray Bridge, as it’s surrounded by many interesting attractions. For example, the South Australian Museum is just a short drive away, and the Murray Bridge Botanic Gardens are also nearby. The Art Gallery of South Australia offers a wide range of exhibitions and activities to keep children interested and entertained.



The Library for Summer Homeschooling in Murray Bridge is a great place to take your children for educational enrichment. Its modern facilities include technology that enables children to access books and other resources in a variety of formats. It also has a variety of audiovisual materials and an internet café.


Goldstar Rewards

Goldstar Rewards is an app and website that helps kids set goals and stay motivated. The site has a free trial and allows you to set goals and missions that your child can complete. There are also prizes for every achievement, including cash prizes and virtual toys. Using Goalstar Rewards to motivate your child is a great way to make learning fun and more enjoyable.

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