There are many resources for summer homeschooling in Merredin that make the experience as enjoyable and memorable as possible. We’ve included a few in this article, including the Ambleside Online website, 826 Digital, Museum and zoo memberships, and more.


Ambleside Online

If you’re looking for a homeschool curriculum for your child this summer, you might consider AmblesideOnline. This free homeschool curriculum is based on the Charlotte Mason method and helps prepare children for a life of rich relationships with God, humanity, and nature. It is also designed to be flexible so that your child can complete the program at their own pace.

There are many benefits to using Ambleside Online for your summer homeschooling in Merredin, Western Australia. You can save money and learn from homeschooling experts and other homeschoolers. You can also access resources that are specifically designed for children with special needs.

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The Konos curriculum for homeschooling offers 1,000 hands-on activities that impart academic information while making learning memorable. It focuses on teaching the 5 senses and encourages motion. It has won countless awards for its outstanding educational programs. The curriculum has a rich history that spans more than 50 years.

The group aims to provide a safe and supportive space for parents and their children to learn from one another. It also offers group discounts on educational resources. The group caters for all philosophies and styles of home education. Its members include current home educators, those considering home education, and those who are interested in learning about different homeschooling approaches.


826 Digital

If you’re looking for digital resources for summer homeschooling in Merredin, Western Australia, then you’ve come to the right place. The homeschooling community in Merredin has a great community spirit and is full of local parents and kids who are interested in homeschooling. Several local homeschooling groups are located in the area, including the Karrinyup and Surround Homeschoolers groups. Members can also organise meet-ups and share homeschooling experiences.

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Families in Western Australia who homeschool are encouraged to join the Home Education Knowledge Collection group to share ideas and resources. The group caters to all types of homeschooling philosophies and is a great resource for current homeschooling parents and those who are considering homeschooling.

Those with special needs and with disabilities can join this group. Parents and carers can also join this group. It’s a local branch of an international group. The group meets in various locations around the metropolitan area of Perth.