Whether you are teaching your youngster or preparing yourself for homeschooling in Lara, there are many resources for summer homeschooling in Lara. You can choose from Math Mammoth, Smile and Learn, History Alive, and MUSE. All of these resources are great for homeschooling, and many are available for free.


Math Mammoth

If you are looking for a great math curriculum for summer homeschooling in Lara, Math Mammoth might be the right option. This program is flexible and comes with several book options. Some of these books can be used as full curriculums, while others can be used as supplements to teach specific skills.

Math Mammoth has several series for different levels of learning. They are divided by grade, as well as by topic. Each workbook contains detailed explanations of math concepts, as well as examples and models that students can use to practice. The Light Blue Series is the complete curriculum for Grades 1 through 7 while the Blue Series is a review of the Light Blue Series.

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Math Mammoth uses a combination of text and diagrams to teach math, but the program is not fully hands-on. This means that students may need additional assistance if they are struggling with concepts.


Smile and Learn

Smile and Learn is a resource for summer homeschooling that emphasizes cross-curricular learning and reinforces the core subject areas taught in the classroom. It also features a library of more than 25,000 titles, empowering parents and teachers to teach their kids whenever they want. Its free, online resources for homeschooling families include a monthly magazine, online math worktexts, and more.


History Alive

If you want to make summer homeschooling in Lara fun for your kids, try incorporating the History Alive resources into your summer homeschooling program. These resources combine a fun story, hands-on activities, puzzles, and facts to make learning interesting and engaging. They are perfect for use as a supplement to your regular curriculum.

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