If you are considering educating your child over the summer, you should be aware of the resources for summer homeschooling in Kyneton. Homeschooling can be done in a variety of ways – you can choose to follow state guidelines, or follow your interests. There are also some hybrid homeschooling options, such as school at home or hybrid online/in-person schooling. No matter what you decide, there are plenty of resources available for your child to make the most of their home schooling experience.


Easy Peasy

The Easy Peasy program uses a mix of traditional and Charlotte Mason methods to teach your children. These methods are backed by a comprehensive online curriculum and daily printable activity sheets. If you don’t want to spend any money, you can also choose to use one of the free homeschooling curriculums available online.

For younger grades, Easy Peasy doesn’t offer formal tests. Besides, too much testing is not helpful in learning. The curriculum, however, does allow informal testing to see if your child understands what they have learned. Homeschoolers often outperform their public school counterparts.

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Math Mammoth

Math Mammoth is a self-study program that uses two workbooks divided into A and B sections. Each chapter includes explanations of basic math concepts, models, and problems that the student can work through. Because the workbooks are written for the student, they are not designed as a lesson plan but instead act as a guide for students to follow along and learn.

Math Mammoth is an excellent resource for homeschooling students and is designed to allow students to learn independently. The program is also versatile enough to accommodate more formal lessons as needed. Its focus on single topics, however, makes it hard for students to complete entire lessons.


The Big History Project

If you are looking for a new resource to supplement your homeschool curriculum, The Big History Project is the way to go. This program launched at TED 2011 and is a global online delivery of a classroom-tested curriculum. Founded by Sal Khan, creator of the Khan Academy, this course will help your children become better thinkers and better future citizens.

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The Big History Project integrates multiple disciplines including history and science. It aims to develop a love for inquiry through critical thinking. It provides essential skills and intellectual tools, including thinking critically on different scales, building and testing claims, and engaging with evidence. The website also provides teacher guides and materials to support the curriculum.



If you’re planning on summer homeschooling in Kyneton for your children during the, you’ll want to consider using Starfall resources for summer homeschooling in KYNETON VIC. The Starfall program is a research-based approach to teaching math and reading. It incorporates a variety of learning styles and techniques, including play and positive reinforcement. It’s also standards-aligned and free.


826 Digital

If you’re summer homeschooling in Kyneton, you can use 826 Digital resources to supplement your homeschool curriculum. They feature a variety of resources to support the arts, which are important for the development of children’s creativity. You can find mini lessons called Sparks, as well as larger lesson plans and writing projects. Many of these resources are also STEM-related, so you can easily incorporate math, science, or engineering concepts into your curriculum. In addition, there are many books and resources to support homeschool educators, including teacher resources and student publications.

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While 826 Digital does not allow students to create accounts, you can find printable resources for grades one through twelve. You can also download a free education app, Starfall, which features an extensive library of interactive activities and a Parent-Teacher Center. This app is ideal for mobile devices, so you can use it while on the go.