You can enjoy the many resources for summer homeschooling in Kilmore, Victoria. These resources include Easy Peasy, the Big History Project, Book clubs, and Konos. You can even join the local library for free and use their computers. You’ll also be able to access the free wi-fi.


Easy Peasy

If you’re looking for a quality summer homeschooling in Kilmore curriculum that will teach your children the fundamentals of literacy, Easy Peasy is the answer. The curriculum uses a blend of traditional and Charlotte Mason methods. The lessons consist of worksheets and activity sheets, and the program can be planned and completed day by day. The program can be used for preschool to high school and features a complete year’s curriculum that is free to use.

You’ll find that Easy Peasy’s curriculum has a strong Christian worldview, and is affordable for any homeschooling family. Plus, the website also provides Facebook support and troubleshooting services, which is helpful when you’re stuck. Another benefit to Easy Peasy is that you don’t need to plan out each lesson or assign a teacher. In addition, the lessons cover a variety of topics and include prompts for screenshots.

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Big History Project

If you are looking for a fun and engaging summer homeschooling in Kilmore curriculum for your children, you should consider the Big History Project. This project is structured and uses challenging texts to teach your kids about history. It also focuses on critical thinking and evidence-based writing. Students will benefit from this project because it combines many different disciplines.

Big History Project is a comprehensive curriculum that integrates multiple disciplines of history and science. It challenges students to think critically and ignites their passion for inquiry. They will develop critical thinking skills and essential intellectual tools, including thinking across scales and building informed arguments. They will also be able to test the claims they make. The program also provides teachers with the necessary materials to teach the curriculum.



Whether you’re looking for summer homeschooling in Kilmore or are looking for a unique summer homeschool program, consider Konos. This program offers more than 1,000 hands-on activities that not only impart academic information but also create lifelong memories. KONOS believes that true learning goes beyond answering questions and involves all five senses.

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Homeschooling gives you and your child the flexibility to use your creativity to educate your children. Summer is the perfect time to test out new learning methods, spend time with family, and build skills for the coming year. With the freedom and flexibility of homeschooling, your child can explore her interests and develop new learning tools while still having fun.


Book clubs

Book clubs are an excellent way to get your children back into the reading habit after the summer break. You can arrange the meetings to read a book together or independently, depending on your child’s reading level. If you have a younger child, consider inviting an older sibling to help them. Audiobooks are also an excellent choice for families with children of varying ages.

Book clubs can take place over meals or at other venues. A picnic in the park or an evening spent in the backyard by a fire pit is a great place for book discussions. The discussion can be freeform or you can prepare discussion questions beforehand. The point is to have an honest discussion about a book.

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Library memberships

Library memberships are a great way to support your homeschooling activities and can save you a significant amount of money on book purchases. In addition, library memberships provide you with a community hub that can be useful to you and your kids. There are also a variety of programs and services offered by libraries, including free tours and educator access.

If you’re looking for summer homeschooling in Kilmore materials online, you should consider joining the HERI Curriculum Library. This library in Kilmore offers a curriculum that you can check out and return to the library before the school year begins. Those who are members of the cable to check out books and materials early in the summer, and the materials are due back by June 5, 2023. Once you’ve joined the library, you’ll need to present your HERI membership card to check out books and materials.