If you’re looking for some resources for summer homeschooling in Hobart, you’ve come to the right place. The following article contains some tips on how to find free or inexpensive resources to use with your child. It also includes a list of free and low-cost activities you can do with your child.


Free and inexpensive resources for summer homeschooling in Hobart

If you’re thinking of summer homeschooling in Hobart for your children, you can find a large number of free and inexpensive resources. Many homeschool vendors offer free or inexpensive materials that you can download. You can also check out educational websites to find sample pages of materials. These can help you make the right choice for your student’s educational needs.

The Ambleside Online curriculum is a free Charlotte Mason-style curriculum that you can use to teach your children. This Christian-based program has a solid reputation for being a quality resource. It also provides a list of books that you can use at different levels. It includes history, science, literature, and geography lessons. You can also find picture and composer studies, copy work, and other activities.

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826 Digital

If you’re planning on summer homeschooling in Hobart for your children, consider exploring 826 Digital’s digital resources. This resource offers a variety of free lesson plans and printable materials for grades K 12. It also includes an extensive library of interactive online activities and lessons. It even features a Parent-Teacher Center. The site is also available as an app for smartphone users.



The Starfall program is one of the great resources for summer homeschooling in Hobart. It was developed to help children learn to read by integrating research-based activities. It has since expanded into other areas, such as language arts and math. It is a free, fun way to teach kids and encourage positive reinforcement. In addition, Starfall includes a Parent-Teacher Center and printable lesson plans. The site also has a free mobile app.

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826 Digital is not an interactive site

While 826 Digital offers a curated collection of educational materials for young children, the site is not interactive. However, it does offer printable materials for children of all ages. It offers resources for grades one through twelve. You can also try Starfall, a free educational resource for Pre-K through third grade, which launched in 2002. Starfall includes an extensive library of online activities for kids, a Parent-Teacher Center, and printable lesson plans. In addition to this, Starfall has an app for smartphones, which makes it an even more convenient tool for parents.

The site also features a writing program that complements the existing ELA curriculum. This online resource promotes creative writing through mini-lessons called Sparks. Additionally, it offers longer writing projects and larger lesson plans for students to complete. The writing prompts also help students learn about STEM concepts and develop their writing skills.

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Sports vouchers

Ticket to Play is a government initiative that reduces the cost of sports registration and membership in Tasmania by providing $100 vouchers to eligible children. The program aims to encourage children to participate in sports, dance, and learn to swim. The vouchers are redeemed through a secure Voucher Portal.