If you are considering homeschooling your children this summer, you may be wondering what resources for summer homeschooling in Bathurst are available to you. This article will highlight some of the options available to you, including Zoo memberships, Museum memberships, and Easy Peasy. Before you sign up for a program, you must complete the NESA registration forms and submit them with all necessary documentation.


Zoo memberships

If you’re looking for a homeschooling resource, consider purchasing a membership to the Bathurst Zoo. The Zoo has classes for students from birth to 12 years, and each class focuses on a different topic. The classes are designed to encourage curiosity and create connections with the animals. Each class is $50 for one student, but there are discounts available for members.


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Ambleside Online

If you are considering homeschooling your child this summer, consider using AmblesideOnline’s curriculum. This homeschool curriculum is geared toward students in grades 7-12, and it is designed to be challenging. The books in this curriculum are advanced and challenging and are often far more difficult than books most seventh graders have read. In a few short years, your child could complete the entire program, which includes reading senior high-level books.

AmblesideOnline is a free Charlotte Mason homeschool curriculum that prepares children for rich relationships with God, humanity, and the natural world. You can get the full curriculum for Charlotte Mason from AmblesideOnline, or you can incorporate ideas from other sources. Whatever your choice, AmblesideOnline is intended to be a blessing to your family.


Easy Peasy

Easy Peasy is a curriculum for homeschooling children. It is free and includes a range of activities for each day of the year. The curriculum is based on the Charlotte Mason method and uses a mix of traditional and online coursework. The curriculum includes printable activity sheets and worksheets.

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Easy Peasy is an excellent free online homeschooling curriculum for K 12 students. It includes a wealth of resources in the field of science, math, technology, economics, arts, history, and more. The site also provides troubleshooting support through Facebook. The curriculum is easy to follow, and it provides a Christian worldview. The lessons are arranged in categories to engage students’ interests.