If you’re considering homeschooling your children, you’ll be glad to know that there are many great resources for summer homeschooling in Ararat available. Here are 5 great resources to consider for your family. All of these are free or inexpensive and will provide your children with hours of educational fun.


Math Mammoth

For those who are looking for a math curriculum for homeschooling, Math Mammoth is a good option. The program includes seven levels and three workbooks. Each of these books contains a chapter on curriculum, examples and models of concepts, and problems that students can practice. Math Mammoth is a self-study math curriculum that uses a self-graded textbook format to teach students math concepts.

Although Math Mammoth is intended for self-study, it does include free instructional videos that are meant to teach students basic concepts. Moreover, the creator of the curriculum has a background in homeschooling, so they know how to explain complex concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. The text is clear, and the lessons make extensive use of visuals.

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Smile and Learn

If you’re considering summer homeschooling in Ararat, you’ll want to look for free resources. There are plenty of resources available for free, such as Smile and Learn, which reinforces cross-curricular learning. Many of Smile and Learn’s curriculums also include free worktexts. And while they’re more geared toward older children, there are also several free resources available for younger children.


Ambleside Online

When you are looking for a great online homeschool curriculum, consider AmblesideOnline. Their online homeschool curriculum is suitable for children in years seven through twelve. They use textbooks that are often used in public high schools and college work. Your child should work at grade level in language arts and math.

AmblesideOnline offers two rotations of history in its curriculum. Year one covers the early middle ages and progresses chronologically until year six when Greek and Roman history is introduced. Years two and three cover mythology and ancient history. You can also visit their forum to ask questions about the curriculum, including book lists and schedules.

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For high school-age students, AmblesideOnline offers a high school program. The program is called HEO, and hundreds of students have completed it. This program helps your child prepare for the ACT/SAT exam and also helps them learn more about high school.


Easy Peasy

Easy Peasy is an online curriculum that offers a free curriculum for all ages. It covers a variety of subjects from math to language arts, science to history and art to computer science. You can choose to use the entire program or only part of it.

Easy Peasy is a free program that allows you to select your child’s grade level and program year. There are also inexpensive workbooks and printable worksheets. These materials are designed to be used daily. Moreover, they are designed to help your child learn to read, which is a prerequisite for formal homework in Easy Peasy.

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If you are planning to use KONOS resources for summer homeschooling in Ararat, Victoria, you’ll want to plan. You might have to order books that are out of print or arrange for an interlibrary loan to get the books that you need. KONOS has many titles available for you to choose from. In addition, you can use a timeline to teach history and biblical figures. KONOS offers laminated timelines for this purpose. It also includes detailed resource lists for each lesson.

The KONOS program is designed to be hands-on, making it perfect for the Wiggly Willy in your household. However, there are so many activities that some parents may feel overwhelmed. With a KONOS program, you can choose the number of hands-on activities, field trips, and more to suit your needs and budget.