Summer is traditionally a time to slow down and enjoy life, but the busy lifestyle of many parents can make it difficult to do that. This brings about some reasons for summer homeschooling in Tumby Bay. Your role is to be a guide and discovery assistant, not to interfere with their learning.


Prevents loss of learning

South Australia’s Education Act requires all children of compulsory school age to attend school. This age is currently sixteen, but it is set to rise to 17 in 2009. However, there is no legal requirement that your child must attend school when he or she is homeschooled, so you must ensure that the education program you choose is suitable and the environment is conducive to learning.


Is beneficial for autistic and ADHD kids

One of the benefits of summer homeschooling in Tumby Bay for autistic or ADHD kids is the opportunity to build a sense of safety and security. These kids are often overwhelmed by large class sizes, which can make them anxious. Having smaller classes can help them feel more secure and can also teach them sensory coping mechanisms. Homeschooling also gives parents more control over the environment, meaning they can make sure their child is safe from stressful situations and sensory triggers.

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Summer is also a great time to focus on an individual child’s interests. This provides new learning experiences and gives the child a chance to explore different topics. Janet found that there are countless activities to keep her child interested and learning. The summer provides a great opportunity for both parents and children to get to know each other and develop stronger relationships.

Depending on the needs of your child, you can request special ed services for your child. These specialists can help your child with all subjects, from math to reading. They can also help with field trips.