There are several reasons for summer homeschooling in Portland. For one, it is a great option for children who want more than the usual schedule. It allows parents to accommodate the needs of growing children and their energetic natures. Kids need to get their energy out in the mornings, and there’s no need to rush them to bed when the school year is nearly over. It also allows parents to get things done that they wouldn’t have been able to before, while their children are in a more relaxed and focused state.


Prevents loss of learning

To prevent your child from losing learning over the summer, you must create a learning plan. This plan will help you identify and address learning gaps. These gaps are the differences between the expected and actual learning your child experiences. If left unaddressed, they will cause your child to fall further behind and regress in basic skills.

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One family who homeschools their children demonstrates the benefits of homeschooling. Bernita and Victoria first met a Black homeschooling family in 2015. Zuwena Gray’s mother was a substitute teacher in the University Prep School charter system. When Victoria was in the seventh grade, she got teased for wearing blue braids, and when boys began picking her up in eighth grade, she brought up the idea of homeschooling. Victoria and Bernita soon realized that summer homeschooling in Portland would allow Victoria to learn at her own pace. As a single mother, Bernita had never completed a college degree, but she refused to teach her daughter.

Although the summer is a crucial time for students, educators have often relied on conventional summer school programs to ensure that their students do not lose learning over the summer. However, studies have shown that the loss of learning is especially high in students from low-income households. Moreover, the summer slide is a cumulative effect that builds up over years.

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Prevents loss of learning for autistic and ADHD kids

Preventing learning loss in autistic and ADHD kids can be a challenging task. These children are often very focused and unable to shift their attention, and they may have poor tolerance for change. Rather than relying on a child’s memory, teachers should test them on an experimental basis. The best way to do this is through phone calls or emails. This is where summer homeschooling comes in. Without a break in learning, these special needs children tend to accumulate more. So, summer homeschooling in Portland is a good decision.