The summer months are the perfect time for children to spend at home learning. Children get to spend less time at school, learn at their own pace, and there are several reasons for summer homeschooling in Mount Barker such as less coronavirus exposure and free swimming lessons. In addition, homeschooling in Mount Barker allows parents to save money by utilizing sports vouchers and free swimming lessons.


Less time is spent in school

While summer homeschooling in Mount Barker, you need to follow the standards of education set by the Education Department of Western Australia. You will need a moderator who will oversee the curriculum and ensure that your child meets the required standards. Many homeschoolers in WA find that they can meet these standards in less time than they would spend in a school setting. They are also able to teach the content in a way that best suits their child.

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Summer homeschooling in Mount Barker, Western Australia is legal and free. You can apply at your local education regional office to start homeschooling your child. You must have a child between 5.5 and 17.5 years old who is not currently in school or enrolled in distance education. You are also not permitted to enroll your child in a part-time school.


Learning from home during coronavirus

The start of the 2020-2021 school year will be markedly different from the start of previous years, with many students having to adjust to a virtual learning environment. While students can still access classrooms through physical locations, the disruption of the coronavirus will require a different approach to learning. This type of virtual learning requires discipline and routine.

For parents who are considering home schooling during coronavirus, there are several resources to help them make the transition. The Australian Coalition for Inclusive Education has put together information for families to plan their time at home. These resources are easy to read and contain a wealth of helpful links and practical tips to support children while they learn from home.

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Access to sports vouchers

If you’re summer homeschooling in Mount Barker, there are a number of ways to save money on sports fees. A government program called Sports Vouchers allows you to apply for up to $100 off the registration fees of your child’s chosen sport. This program is available to any child aged five and older, as long as they hold a valid Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card. You can apply online or by completing a hard copy form.


Free swimming lessons

If you’re homeschooling your child this summer, you may be interested in free swimming lessons. In Mount Barker, you’ll find a variety of different swimming programs for your child. Some of these programs run in the summer, while others are only available during certain times of the year.

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Recreational opportunities

If you are considering a move to the Mount Barker region, Western Australia, you have a variety of recreational options for your children. The region has a diverse range of natural areas and parks, coffee shops, and more. You will also find local history and culture and a friendly community.