There are many reasons for summer homeschooling in Learmonth, Victoria. Choosing a subject for your child to work on is an important aspect of homeschooling. This way, your child will have a vested interest and a strong desire to engage. He or she will develop a connection to the subject and activity, just like a toddler with play-dough in their hands. In addition, children will have a sense of continuity.


Prevents loss of learning

A key benefit of summer homeschooling in Learmonth is the prevention of loss of learning. This is especially true of math, a subject students have more trouble forgetting. Moreover, students who learn math at higher grades are less likely to experience summer learning loss.

Research has shown that students who do not engage in regular learning during the summer break typically return to school with less than full-level achievement. This effect is particularly evident among historically disadvantaged students. It’s also known as the summer slide or setback. Studies have shown that two or three hours of learning per week can prevent summer learning loss.

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Benefits for autistic and ADHD kids

Summer homeschooling in Learmonth is an excellent alternative to traditional school. Children with special needs often fall behind when school is out for the summer, but there are many ways to keep them learning and having fun at the same time. Here are some tips: – Use your child’s strengths: Kids with ADHD often excel in certain areas. Give them the resources they need to explore these strengths. If they have difficulty focusing, try to give them more challenging activities. Also, try to limit activities that may be unpleasant or cause them pain.

– Allow your child to learn in his environment: Homeschooling allows your child to learn in a calmer environment. He or she can develop sensory coping mechanisms at home, and you can monitor food and medical challenges closely.

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Makes summers a time for learning

Making summers a time for learning is a great way to keep your child engaged. When you homeschool, look at the next school year’s curriculum and lesson plans and look for opportunities to target certain skills over the summer. It is also a good idea to set small, achievable goals for your child during the summer. Setting attainable goals will help to build your child’s confidence. However, it is important not to overload your child with lessons. Use a scaffolding approach to introduce new concepts gradually.

Summertime is traditionally a time to slow down and enjoy life, but busy parents may have trouble enjoying the season. If you’re homeschooling in Learmonth Victoria, you can allow your child to enjoy summers in a way that suits their personalities and interests. Rather than being a teacher and a tutor, you’re the learning assistant and guide for your child.

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