If you want to provide the best childcare for your little ones, it is important to choose quality preschool furniture in Australia. These standards are in place to protect your children from injury and trauma. As a provider, you also need to have policies on child safety and make sure that your staff follow these policies. It is also important to report serious incidents to the Regulatory Authority in case there is an injury or trauma.


Preschool furniture in Australia

There are many different options available for preschool furniture. Lilly & Lolly is one such store in Australia that produces furniture for adults and children of all ages. The company uses a combination of old-age joinery methods and modern technologies to create high-quality, durable goods. Moreover, Lilly & Lolly’s products come with a 10-year warranty.

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The company ships its products by courier and they have a two to five-day turnaround time. The manufacturer will send a tracking number to each customer so they can track their shipments. Once they ship the order, you will receive an email stating the estimated delivery time. The furniture will be delivered within three to fourteen business days depending on the location and the shipping method.

Design Kids is an online store run by parents in Australia. The company started with its own brand Ubabub, which is modern baby furniture but has expanded into a curated range of furniture by other designers. Its furniture complies with strict Australian safety standards.


Preschool furniture must meet an Australian Standard

The quality of preschool furniture is critical. It should be easy to clean and have child-safe closures and rounded corners. It should also be able to withstand the daily use of young children. Whether it is wooden, plastic, metal, or a combination of materials, the furniture must be safe for children.

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