Preschool equipment in Canada is made from high-quality materials and designed for children’s safety and development. Many Preschool Canada campuses invest a great deal of time in planning furniture that encourages children to explore their senses and problem-solve. They also invest in open-ended materials to improve the health of children. Many Preschool Canada campuses collaborate with NaturalPod and Avron to create furniture that meets safety requirements while still offering collaborative learning approaches.


Mancino Mats

Mancino Mats are a great piece of preschool equipment. They can also be used at home, as their prices are considerably lower than other mats made in China. The company makes several types of playmats and other early education tools, which are appropriate for most schools and skill levels.


WESCO preschool equipment in Canada

The leading manufacturer of children’s developmental products, WESCO produces an extensive selection of preschool equipment that encourages active play and improves health and fitness. Their wide range of products includes water tables, partition panels, infant toddler toys, and soft furnishings. Their extensive portfolio also includes educational and sports toys. The company’s mission is to provide a high level of service and safety for children.

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Mancino Toys

When looking for preschool equipment, consider Mancino Toys’ selection of sensory items, preschool gymnastics equipment, and early education tools. These items are suitable for most schools and are perfect for a range of skill levels. These products are designed to encourage children’s natural curiosity and promote the development of motor skills.


Mancino Gymnastics

Preschool gymnastics is growing in popularity, and more parents are seeking out programs that can give their children the benefits of this sport. With a variety of affordable preschool gymnastics equipment and early education tools, Mancino Gymnastics is an excellent choice. Their products are appropriate for most schools, and they suit a range of skill levels.