If you’re planning on homeschooling your children, there are some common myths about homeschooling in the UK that you should know. First, homeschooling is not illegal. It’s a widely-accepted and legal educational practice in the UK. Also, homeschooling is not the domain of eccentrics or weirdos.


Homeschooling is a secular institution

While homeschooling is a secular institution in the United Kingdom, the concept of homeschooling has religious associations in the United States. Many evangelical parents began homeschooling in response to the growing diversity of school choices. These families sought a more personalized education, without the influence of a secular institution. Homeschooling became associated with religious rights issues in the 1990s, especially in the United States, when HSLDA and other Christian groups began to lobby for homeschooling laws. Ultimately, these efforts led to homeschooling laws in all fifty states.

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It’s flexible

Homeschooling in the UK is flexible and legal if you are able to provide your child with an education. However, you must make sure that the school you are planning to send your child to supports your decision. Flexi-schooling is not automatically accepted in UK schools and is often at the discretion of the headteacher.


It’s illegal

While homeschooling in the UK is generally legal, it is not a legal option in all areas. The law requires children to receive an appropriate and efficient education. However, government guidelines only provide a partial definition of what adequate education means. It is therefore up to parents to decide what they hope to achieve by homeschooling their children.


It’s not for advanced learners

Many myths and misconceptions surround homeschooling in the UK. There are many advantages of homeschooling your child. For example, it allows parents to devote more time to their child’s interests and activities, while at the same time avoiding the stress of school. Moreover, homeschooling does not require any formal qualifications or teacher training. There are many resources available online to help parents in homeschooling their children.

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It’s for stay-at-home parents

Some people have misconceptions about homeschooling in the UK. Although home education is not illegal in the UK and other countries, some people think that it is illegal. Others think that homeschoolers are deviant or have extreme views. In reality, most homeschoolers are thoughtful and believe that home education is best for their children.


It’s for kids with special needs

First of all, you do not need to have any qualifications to homeschool your children. There are no requirements for GCSEs, teacher training, or homeschooling qualifications. The Open University also does not require qualifications to offer degree courses. You can enrol your children in a course and show that they have the ability to complete it.