Homeschooling in Ireland may be an attractive option for you if you are interested in giving your child a more personalized education. However, there are certain myths about homeschooling in Ireland and this article will help debunk some of them. It may require sacrifices such as holidays and freedom from a strict school schedule, but it can also offer many benefits, including financial freedom. Lorna Tormey, a mother of two, decided to home-educate her son when he was six years old and gave up her job as a UPC buyer to homeschool her children.


Homeschooling is illegal

While it may seem as if homeschooling is illegal in Ireland, the truth is that it is perfectly legal. The only legal requirement for homeschooling is registration with the Child and Family Agency (CFA), a government agency responsible for the welfare of children. This agency oversees adoptions and child protection, as well as other legal matters related to children. Although homeschooling law is quite complex, it generally treats homeschooling on an equal footing with traditional schooling.

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It requires Ofsted-type inspections

There is no legal requirement for homeschooling in Ireland, but many local councils do monitor the activities of homeschooling families. These visits can be one-off or scheduled regularly.


It is child-led

Homeschooling in Ireland is a legal option and the right to homeschool is enshrined in the Irish Constitution. While parents are not required to follow a curriculum, they can seek support and information through the Home Education Network. The law does not require parents to follow a formal curriculum and home educators are not assessed regularly. The child’s education is completely child-led, which can be a very rewarding experience.


It is not a viable alternative to school

The Irish Constitution recognizes the role of parents as primary educators and requires all children to attend school by the age of six. While homeschooling is an option in Ireland, parents must register with the National Education Welfare Board to homeschool their children. Parents must meet a certain level of educational standards. While there is no legal definition for what this level of education should consist of, many homeschooling parents attempt to replicate the school experience at home.

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It is a viable option for advanced learners

Many Irish parents are choosing to homeschool their children. They are often attracted to homeschooling for many reasons, including avoiding bullying, exam pressure, and the general stress of the school environment. There are also fewer barriers for advanced learners who are interested in homeschooling in Ireland.


It is not a viable option for low-income families

Homeschooling is not a viable option in Ireland for many low-income families, due to high expenses, additional stress, and lack of resources. Moreover, homeschooling requires the partner to give up his or her permanent job, which can be a huge sacrifice for many families.