When looking for a homeschooling curriculum, it’s essential to consider what’s best for your child. The best options are based on the best practices, and they should be fun, too. Some of the best options are available online. Some of them are cross seven, time4learning, abeka, Horizons, and others.

Cross Seven

If you’re looking for homeschooling curriculum in the UK, you have a few options. You can check out BBC Teach, which focuses on education. The site has hundreds of free resources, including articles about homeschooling and teaching techniques. There are also a number of videos that parents can use.

Hand2mind is a great option if you want to create a more hands-on learning environment. This curriculum is based on the principle that children learn best by doing. Their materials have been used in thousands of schools for decades, and they provide a wide variety of resources for math, science, and STEM subjects. Their mission is to support educators and parents, while championing the philosophy of learning by doing. Candlewick Press is another excellent resource.


If you’re looking for a quality homeschooling curriculum that includes tests and quizzes, Time4Learning is a good choice. It offers a two-week money-back guarantee, no contracts, and is suitable for children in grades K-12. The program includes a variety of subject areas and activities for every age level. It features an automated reporting system that tracks test scores and time spent on each activity. Parents can also customize their weekly reports to reflect their child’s progress.

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Time4Learning allows parents to manage their child’s classes, assign lessons, and print records. Parents can select the default grade level of their child’s courses or customize individual courses to meet the specific needs of their child. Parents can even customize assignments within each class by selecting one grade level above or below the grade level the student is currently working in.


The Abeka homeschooling curriculum is a good choice for Christian homeschoolers. It’s designed to mimic traditional schooling, and it’s used in many Christian schools. It includes video lessons that make the students feel like they’re in the classroom. However, the large amount of work in this program can make it overwhelming for some families. If you’re considering this curriculum for your child, keep these things in mind:

The Abeka curriculum includes textbooks and video instruction for traditional Christian education. It was developed by educators at Pensacola Christian Academy, and it’s available in both physical and digital formats. Besides textbooks, you’ll also find readers, workbooks, and videos. Reviews are opinions of the contributors, and Abeka does not provide review copies.

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Horizons Homeschooling Curriculum is a Christian-based homeschooling curriculum that integrates direct Christian teachings. It features easy-to-read and understand lessons and is written for parent-led learning. Each lesson plan clearly outlines the concepts, materials, and objectives of the lesson. The curriculum is available in two and three-year options.

Horizons Math uses manipulatives and hands-on activities throughout the curriculum. Students are gradually introduced to more complex concepts. This helps them master math facts and procedures quickly and prepares them for exams. The program also incorporates drills and spiral reviews into the lessons to keep the curriculum fresh.

Christian Light Education

Christian Light Education is a curriculum that’s designed to meet the needs of both gifted and struggling students. It’s also designed to be flexible and not aimed at one particular learning style, so it’s especially good for students who are more visual. The curriculum is available in both hard copy and electronic form and can be ordered from a catalogue and shipped directly to your home. It includes teaching aids such as flashcards, reference charts, wall posters, and extra practice sheets. It’s also a great option for homeschoolers looking for less involvement from the teacher and the flexibility to reach multiple ages. It also offers a Homeschool Plus service, which allows you to hire a professional to help you with your homeschool records.

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If you’re concerned about whether Christian Light Education is a good fit for your child’s needs, you can take a free diagnostic test to find out. Christian Light Education’s spiral learning model allows students to take courses at a pace that’s comfortable for them. This means that they won’t feel overwhelmed by a long-term curriculum or a massive textbook. The program also promotes a sense of accomplishment, with daily lessons presenting new concepts in bite-sized portions.

Switched On Schoolhouse

The Switched On Schoolhouse Homeschooling curriculum includes a practical elective for grades 9-12 called Physical Fitness. This course focuses on the mind-body connection and promotes physical fitness and nutrition. It includes a daily activity log that students use to chart their fitness progress. The program also includes a test and quiz system to evaluate student progress.

The curriculum offers online access to all lessons, assignments, and assessment materials for students. This gives parents greater flexibility and allows them to focus on other aspects of their lives while their kids are learning. It also eliminates the need for paper materials, which makes it more convenient for the entire family.