If you’re looking for a homeschooling curriculum in New Zealand, you have several options. You can look into Lime Feather Learning, Functional Education, and Numicon, among others. Each of these educational resources is based on a proven method for homeschooling.

Functional Education

Functional Education is a comprehensive homeschooling curriculum that brings the best of the Montessori and Waldorf systems together with the latest in modern learning methods. It offers a holistic education free from the politics of traditional schooling environments. You can sign up for the curriculum for as little as NZ$29 per student per month. Discounts are available for larger families and for single subjects.

The website offers a range of resources and information. This includes articles and research reports. It also has news and inspiring school stories. There are also practical ideas and suggestions that can help you plan your schooling journey. And for those who are not sure what to expect, there’s a supportive community of parents who are experiencing similar challenges.

One common objection to home education is socialisation. However, home-educated children consistently show superior social skills. They don’t need other children to show them how to behave, but they do need a warm and responsive adult who can model the correct social graces. As a result, they fit in comfortably with a wider age group and don’t feel intimidated or isolated.

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Numicon is a multisensory maths curriculum that is perfect for teaching children of all ages the basics of maths. It is ideal for children with learning difficulties, including dyslexia and giftedness, and provides fun and effective activities to improve your child’s confidence in maths. You can contact Numicon for more information or to set up a personal consultation.

Numicon helps children learn by demonstrating the concepts of addition, subtraction, and patterning. Children are able to understand how addition and subtraction work and they are able to recognize how numbers are ordered. Children also learn early calculation skills through these shapes.

Numicon is suitable for children in the EYFS and KS1 stages. This multi-sensory maths curriculum allows your children to learn about numbers through play and building activities. Children will recognize the shapes and call them by their number names, which will help them learn how to relate a symbol to a number.

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Lime Feather Learning

If you’re looking for a curriculum for homeschooling in New Zealand, you’ve come to the right place. There are many resources on the Internet to help you with your homeschooling curriculum. These websites are designed to offer tips, news, and advice for homeschooling families. You’ll find inspiring stories from schools, practical ideas, research reports, and support.

The Ministry of Education has guidelines for homeschoolers. It’s important to note that you don’t have to follow their curriculum in order to be able to homeschool your children. However, the Ministry will consider your homeschooling philosophies when evaluating your application.

Before you can homeschool your child in New Zealand, you must apply for a Certificate of Exemption. This document is required by law, because all children in New Zealand must attend a registered school from age 6 to 16. You must complete a Ministry of Education application form detailing your philosophy of education, your short and long term goals, and how you will measure learning and progress.

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The HSNZ Homeschooling Curriculum is a comprehensive, internationally recognised system for homeschooling. It offers flexible pathways to university entrance, and is approved by the body that regulates New Zealand’s universities. The system allows families to mix and match a wide range of curricula to create a unique and personalised qualification. It includes award-winning literacy and mathematics resources.

Homeschooling NZ is a registered charity that has been serving Christian homeschooling families for 35 years. They offer a variety of curriculum options, including the ACE (CENZ Academic Certificate) programme, which is nationally recognized for university entrance in New Zealand. They also offer customised programmes for children with learning difficulties or disabilities.

Homeschooling in New Zealand is completely legal, and the Government supports it by providing a small amount of financial assistance to parents who choose to homeschool. However, there are certain requirements parents must meet, including filling out an exemption application.