It is no longer news that homeschooling is rapidly increasing across the country. While many parents are planning to get a dedicated homeschooling teacher for their pupils, some are looking for online homeschooing programme. There are many online homeschooling sites, and these sites cover history, geography, language, and many educational games. Some of them even offer extra lessons. For example, the website Seidean Si offers extra Irish vocabulary lessons for kids. You can choose your child’s dialect or class to get the lesson that’s right for them. While the Department of Education doesn’t endorse any website, it does recommend TG4’s Cula 4 ar Scoil programme. It’s free and available online.

Free online homeschooling ireland

There are many ways to get your kids started learning the Irish language, from interactive games to educational resources. For example, the official Department of Education website Scoilnet has over 20,000 educational resources that parents can use to teach their children at home. The Department of Education also has plans to create at-home teaching programmes for those children who do not have access to the Internet.

The Home Education Network Ireland is a resource for home educators in Ireland. It aims to share best practices for teaching children at home and exchange ideas among members. It also operates a library for resources on home education.


If you’re a parent in Ireland who has decided to homeschool your child, you’ll need to register with Tusla. The website provides you with an application form that you can fill out and save on your computer. It also includes detailed guidelines. You’ll want to read the guidelines carefully and make sure you answer everything as fully and as honestly as possible. Also, you should re-read the guidelines at the assessment date, as these outline what questions will be asked.

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According to Tusla, the number of children in Ireland who are homeschooled has increased by 30 percent in the past four years. This means that more parents are choosing this route for their children. In 2016, 1,322 children were homeschooled. This number increases every year.

Gaelige le Cheile

Gaelige le Cheile is a comprehensive online homeschooling resource for children who wish to learn the Irish language. This resource aims to make learning the language fun and engaging. The website is full of resources to help children learn the Irish language, including songs and crafts. The website also includes links to resources for teachers. There are over 600 songs in the Irish language with an English translation and Youtube links. You can also find hundreds of dance videos on Kidzbop’s YouTube channel. There are also a number of craft activities on Cbeebies.

In Ireland, homeschooling is a legal option. The constitution of the country protects the rights of parents to educate their children. However, there are requirements for homeschooling parents to register with the Child and Family Agency. The current homeschool register has 1,772 children. Another 477 children have not been assessed yet. The number of applications has increased by more than threefold in the last three years, possibly owing to the pandemic.

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Seomra Ranga

While there are many resources available for parents who homeschool their children, teachers are still the best resource for parents to use. They can provide parents with advice on how to use online resources that will best suit their child’s learning style and interests. For instance, a primary school teacher in Dublin created a website called Seomra Ranga in 2007. This site contains activities such as poetry books and educational bingo games.

Another great resource is the National Museum of Ireland. There are virtual field trips to the museum and online exhibits for kids to explore. There are also free resources at NASA that teach kids about space and science. There is also an excellent website called Frugal Fun. It is filled with Lego activities for children and contains STEM content.

BBC Teach

The BBC has partnered with a number of trusted education providers to bring you a range of interactive resources for your homeschooling experience. You can use the BBC’s resources to learn about the latest topics in English, maths, science, music, geography, history, and more. The learning resource is designed to help you make learning fun and exciting for your children.

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You can choose from a number of educational videos, including those made by celebrities and by top BBC teachers. You can also find a variety of podcasts and articles to supplement the lessons. The BBC has created lessons to suit all ages, from five to fourteen, and their content is varied and engaging. BBC Teach is divided into age groups, and features resources for Key Stages 1 and 2. There is also the BBC Bitesize Daily programme, filmed in the Salford studio.

The Oak National Academy

The Oak National Academy is a new, top online homeschooling institution in Ireland that covers Reception to Year 10. The Academy has created weekly learning objectives for each year group, which are designed to fit in with your child’s existing schedule. It’s important to note that the Oak National Academy does not offer GCSEs, but rather works within the existing curriculum to ensure that students learn everything they need to know.

It is a government-backed online learning system that offers 180 lessons a week for primary and secondary school students. This translates to around three hours of classroom time a day. The Academy is supported by the Department of Education and other leading education organizations, such as Teach First, the Sutton Trust, and the Teaching Schools Council.