In the Western UK, kindergarten is not free nor compulsory. However, there are some countries where kindergarten is free. For instance, in Finland and Uganda, children aged three to four years old are entitled to free early education. Here, we will take a look at the free kindergartens in these countries. In the western UK, the cost of kindergarten depends on the location.


Visiting a kindergarten is neither mandatory nor free of charge in the western UK

In the western UK, parents have the option of sending their children to a nursery from the age of three or four, although it is not compulsory. Most of these facilities offer less structured childcare than a traditional school. The details of how many hours of attendance are allowed will depend on the region and school.

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It is free in Finland

Finland offers free kindergarten for children. Its education system is regarded as one of the world’s best, and it is a key part of the national strategy. The educational system is highly democratic, and students of all backgrounds enjoy equal opportunities in education.


It is free in Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland, parents can apply for 12.5 hours of free preschool education a week. This program, known as funded preschool, is provided in nursery schools, primary schools with nursery units, and some private providers. Childminders, however, are not eligible to provide funded preschool education. These programs are designed to provide quality early years education with the primary goal of encouraging physical development and preparing children for school.


It is free in Scotland

In Scotland, children can benefit from free early learning and childcare. This service is funded by the Scottish government and local authorities. Under this scheme, children aged two and three years old can get up to 1140 hours of free childcare per year. It can be provided by nurseries, childminders, and playgroups. Eligibility varies by the local authority, so you should check with your council to find out if you are eligible.

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