If you’re a parent looking for homeschooling teachers in Wodonga, Australia, you’re not alone. The city of Wodonga, Victoria, is located 300 kilometres north of Melbourne. It’s also only eight minutes from the New South Wales border. However, on 8 July, the border between the two states closed, and the exemptions were tightened. This affected many in the area, but the NSW government has since extended the border to 50 kilometres on either side of the town. This means that the region will be able to return to face-to-face learning soon.

Home educators in Wodonga can join groups run by the Home Education Network, which offers support for new home educators. They also provide resources and discounts for educational tools, such as curriculum. The groups are primarily for parents with older children, although younger siblings are welcome to join as well.

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While the registration process for homeschoolers varies in each state, the basic process is the same. First, you need to register your child in the school or apply for exemption. To do so, email the school to request an application pack. Next, you’ll need to provide a brief outline of your planned program or curriculum. This should include how you will assess your child’s progress and provide social interaction.

The homeschooling unit is open to children aged 5.5-17. The process is fairly simple and requires a completed application form, an education plan, and ID documents. Once you submit your application, you have three months to prepare an educational plan. You can then apply for full registration 20 business days before the end of the three-month registration period. This application must also contain a parent report.

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