There are a few different ways to find homeschooling teachers in Sydney. One option is to register with the ACT. You’ll need to fill out an application form and answer a series of questions via email. You’ll also need to provide proof of your ID. Once your application is approved, you’ll have three months to submit a written educational plan for your child. You can then apply for full registration 20 business days before the end of the three-month period. You must complete your application for full registration and include a Parent Report that outlines your homeschooling plans.

Another option is to join a Sydney homeschooling group. There are many homeschooling groups in Sydney. You can look for Facebook groups or websites with descriptions. Many of these groups are organized by the NESA. Homeschooling is becoming more common in Australia, and COVID has made it easier to register your child. However, registering with the NESA can be a lengthy process, and you can’t expect instant approval.

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One way to find a homeschooling teacher in Sydney is to search for online forums. Some forums have a listing of Sydney-area homeschooling groups, and some of them are dedicated to helping Sydney homeschoolers.