Homeschooling has become a popular choice for Australian families. If you have started a homeschooling program, it can be helpful to have a homeschooling support group in your local area. These groups are great places to meet other parents, share ideas, and receive advice and information. These groups can also help you find jobs and housing. Some groups even plan events to share resources and meet new people.

In Australia, homeschooling is legal, but it is important to register as a homeschooler. You must also meet state regulations. For example, you must be registered with your state’s homeschool board to start homeschooling. You can also hire a private tutor if you’d like.

The ACT does not provide much information on homeschooling. However, it does ask you to submit an application form and answer some questions via email. You will also need to provide identification documents and an educational plan for your child. If you’ve met these requirements, you’ll have three months to complete the registration process. During this time, you’ll need to apply for full registration 20 business days before the end of the registration period. In addition to submitting an educational plan, you’ll also need to submit a Parent Report.

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Homeschooling groups can be great places to connect with other homeschooling families. These groups provide social opportunities for kids and offer advice for new home educators. Joining a homeschooling group also gives you the opportunity to meet other home educators and get discounts on curriculum and teaching tools. While most of these groups are designed for high school-aged children, parents with younger children are welcome to join as well.