If you are looking for homeschooling teachers in Geelong, you can do so through several options. First, you can register your child at the Home Education Unit. You will have to submit an application form detailing your child’s education program. This will include a plan for the upcoming period and a written assessment of each child. A home education unit moderator will visit your home to check on your child’s progress every 12 months.

Secondly, you should register your child with the relevant education authority. It is important to note that many homeschoolers in Australia are not registered with the government. Depending on the area, the number of registered homeschoolers can be anywhere between 1/3 and half. You should also be aware of any stipulations that your state has regarding the registration process.

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Third, you can choose to use a purchased curriculum or use your own. Using your own curriculum does not mean that you have to rush around all day, as a homeschool parent, you’ll have ample time to study and socialise your child. You’ll also be able to choose the curriculum yourself, and you can use tutors if needed. While homeschooling is legal in Australia, it is not supported by the government. You can also apply for a homeschool permit in the state you’re living in. In some states, you’ll have to deliver your curriculum.

Homeschooling is not just about academics, but you can also incorporate electives as well. Many homeschooling teachers are prepared to teach languages, arts, and musical instruments, for example. In addition, you can change the environment of the classroom to suit your child’s learning needs. For instance, you can create a quiet room to focus on tests and other important lessons.

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