Homeschooling is becoming increasingly popular in Australia, and in Cairns there are several homeschooling mothers and teachers eager to share their knowledge with others. While homeschoolers cannot sit for ATAR exams in Queensland, they can do school apprenticeships and take other university entrance exams. In addition, homeschoolers can teach their children their own political and religious beliefs, which are valuable lessons for them in the long run.

Homeschooling groups are always welcoming, and a great way to meet other homeschooling parents and kids is to join one. These groups may provide an enjoyable day out and a chance to meet new friends. They can also introduce you to the area, which can be beneficial to your family. The best place to find these groups is Facebook, where you can search for your city’s homeschooling group. For example, if you live in Mount Gambier, you can search for homeschooling groups there.

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If you’re interested in homeschooling, you should first register your child with the relevant education board. Generally, you’ll need a registration certificate and an application form. You should also submit a summary of your child’s educational program in your application.

The School of the Air (SOAT) is a correspondence school that caters to primary and early secondary education in remote areas of Australia. These schools use telephone, radio, and the internet to communicate with students. These programs are great for children who live in isolated areas or don’t have access to school resources. They also offer free online courses.