A kindergarten teacher in Ontario earns about $30,000 a year. However, they can earn a lot more in other provinces. Fortunately, Ontario teachers are covered by several unions. These unions are responsible for negotiating salary rates and benefits for members. This article will take a look at some of the issues teachers are fighting for.

The salary of a kindergarten teacher is determined by how many years the teacher has been in the job. Typically, the salary increases with experience. This salary is based on an anonymous survey of Ontario kindergarten teachers. Salary ranges for entry-level positions are between $46,994 and $79,089; salaries for senior-level positions are around $82,780. The salary potential of a kindergarten teacher is estimated to increase by 10% over five years.

On the other hand, full-day kindergarten classes in Ontario must not exceed 30 students. This cap is designed to increase teacher pay. On average, elementary teachers in Ontario will make about $27 an hour. However, some teachers may receive less than this. For this reason, the salary of kindergarten teachers in Ontario is not necessarily the same as those of their counterparts in other provinces.

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While the average salary of a kindergarten teacher is slightly lower than that of their colleagues in other provinces, it is still far higher than their entry-level counterparts. However, the salary gap between the two groups is large in some provinces. For example, teachers in the North West Territories make an average starting salary of $79,386. This is equal to the paygrade for teachers with five to ten years of experience in other parts of Canada.