New homeschooling laws in Victoria have been causing a lot of concern among parents. They include more restrictions on curriculum and stricter approval processes. They also give the government more control over education. As a result, homeschooling advocates are campaigning to stop the new laws from being passed. Homeschooling is a growing trend in the state, with more parents turning away from traditional schooling. Last year, there were 4136 students in Victoria who were educated at home. That’s 0.44 per cent of the state’s total population.

Homeschooling is a legal alternative to attending government or registered non-government schools

Homeschooling in Victoria is becoming increasingly popular and is a legal alternative to traditional schooling. The state recognizes the right of parents to choose how their children learn. While other states place the state’s duty before the rights of parents, Victoria puts parental rights first. Homeschooling in Victoria is supported by organisations such as the Alternative Education Resource Group, also known as Home Education Network.

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The government of Victoria permits homeschooling, but there are some restrictions and regulations. To homeschool, both parents must sign a homeschool agreement. Homeschoolers should also submit a weekly learning plan. The program must be consistent with the National Curriculum. Parents can apply for exemptions to some aspects of the program if they need them.