Homeschooling in New Zealand is legal, however, you should first get approval from the local Ministry of Education office before you begin. More information on home education is available on the Parent’s website. There are many benefits to homeschooling. For one, your child will have unlimited learning and socialisation opportunities. Second, he or she will be able to measure their learning against NCEA standards.


Homeschooling in New Zealand is legal

Homeschooling is a very popular option for many parents in New Zealand. Initially, it was a relatively new option, but it has gained momentum since the 1970s. For some, homeschooling is the best way to help their child meet their specific learning needs. For others, homeschooling is a practical choice, especially if they live out of town or travel frequently.

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To start homeschooling, parents need to obtain an exemption from the Ministry of Education. As of July 2017, over three thousand families educated their children at home. Some parents cite reasons such as religious beliefs, safety concerns, and dissatisfaction with the formal schooling system.


It can be assessed against NCEA standards

The NCEA is a standard educational qualification in the New Zealand school system. Many families assume their children should take the NCEA, even if they are homeschooling. It’s important to know that it’s not as straightforward as it seems for a home educator to assess their child’s learning against NCEA standards.

Parents in New Zealand can choose to homeschool for several reasons, including their preferences, the availability of qualified staff, or a desire for their child to develop at their own pace. Some families homeschool for religious reasons, while others are interested in providing a tailored education for their children. Whatever the reason, homeschooling can be an excellent option for some families.

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It is expensive

Homeschooling in New Zealand is possible on a tight budget, but it can also cost thousands of dollars per year. While homeschooling is a legitimate option, it does require planning and preparation from the parents. The government provides money to homeschoolers to cover some of their operating expenses. This money is paid directly to the homeschoolers’ bank accounts. While the cost of homeschooling varies greatly from family to family, it is typically cheaper than going to a traditional school.

To homeschool in New Zealand, parents must first apply for approval from the Ministry of Education. This will give them a Certificate of Exemption from Enrolment in a Registered School. This Certificate of Exemption will allow parents to teach their children in their own homes. Parents must apply for a separate Certificate of Exemption for each child they intend to homeschool.

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