If you’re thinking about homeschooling in New Zealand for your child, there are some things you should know before starting. You need to understand how domestic students are classified. You may need to seek an exemption if you’re a foreign national. There are also some legal requirements to meet.



Unschooling when homeschooling in New Zealand is completely legal, but there are some legal considerations you should be aware of. First, you will need to apply for a homeschool exemption, which is relatively simple. Then you’ll need to explain why you’re unschooling, and how you plan on educating your child.

Unschooling is an educational philosophy that emphasizes that a child should determine their educational path, rather than a pre-determined curriculum. It’s a much more flexible approach to teaching and allows children to be more independent and open-minded. Unschooled children have more freedom and independence than their peers, and many have successful careers. There are few serious complaints about unschooling, and research shows that it’s as educational as public schooling.

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Flexible learning format for homeschooling in New Zealand

Homeschooling in New Zealand is legal, but you must obtain a Certificate of Exemption from the Ministry of Education to do it. New Zealand law requires that all children from age six to sixteen attend a school, but a certificate allows a parent to homeschool their child. The application includes information about your philosophy of education, short and long-term learning and progress goals, and regularity of schooling.

The process is flexible, and your child’s learning style, curriculum, and lifestyle will be woven together. Flexible learning allows you to personalise your child’s experience and tailor it to your family and career needs. This is why homeschooling is becoming increasingly popular in New Zealand.

Support groups

Many people in New Zealand choose to homeschool their children. It is a perfectly legal choice, as compulsory education is compulsory for all children between the ages of six and 15. However, if you’re considering homeschooling, you’ll have to apply for an exemption from the Ministry of Education, which has specific requirements for homeschooling children.

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Home educators in New Zealand can find support in several ways. First, there are not-for-profit home educators’ organisations. Several of these organisations provide resources and support for home educators, as well as advocate for their rights.