Certain things matter when it comes to homeschooling in Ireland. Children are naturally curious and love learning. At six years of age, they have learned to roll, crawl, walk, and have made thousands of internal connections. They have an insatiable desire for knowledge and you can tap into this curiosity by homeschooling your child. There are many resources online to assist you in this process.


Article 42 of the Irish Constitution protects children’s rights

Article 42 of the Irish Constitution provides that a child’s rights and welfare are paramount. Article 42A of the Irish Constitution also imposes an autonomous duty on the court to protect the child’s best interests. This duty is specific to each case. In other words, the court must give great weight to the views and opinions of children.

In addition to providing free education, Article 42 also protects the family. The State recognises the Family as a moral and primary unit of society. Article 42.4 of the Irish Constitution states that no child can be denied the right to attend a public school because of religious beliefs or practices.

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The cost of homeschooling

Homeschooling in Ireland can be expensive. Homeschooling requires you to buy textbooks and supplies for your children. The cost of books varies widely. Primary school textbooks will set you back between EUR82 and EUR165. Lower secondary textbooks will cost you EUR391 to EUR489, and IGCSE textbooks are around EUR293 to EUR399. Exam fees can cost EUR979 to $1 959.

Homeschooling parents may also need to pay for similar health benefits as their counterparts in recognised schools. Some local authorities may give you a personal budget to use for the child’s education. Homeschooling parents may be able to obtain community grants and hire community halls to hold classes or activities.


Benefits of homeschooling

Although it’s legal to homeschool in Ireland, a parent must register with the National Education Welfare Board to do so. While the government has not formally defined the benefits of homeschooling in Ireland, it has stipulated that the education of children must be adequate. It is up to the parents to decide how to achieve that.

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Homeschooling children in Ireland is considered a constitutional right for parents. This means that the child doesn’t have to go to public school or take a formal teaching qualification. However, it is still important to provide the basic education that every child needs. Ireland’s Constitution acknowledges that parents are the primary educators of children, and it protects their right to educate their children at home.


The legality of homeschooling in Ireland

If you live in Ireland, you may be wondering about the legality of homeschooling your child. Homeschooling is entirely legal, as long as you follow certain rules. First of all, you should register your child with the National Education Welfare Board, which oversees the homeschooling process. Second, you should meet the minimum educational standard for your child. However, this standard hasn’t been defined by the Department of Education or Bunracht na hEireann, so you should consult the education department for any clarifications you might need.

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The state constitution does not require parents to send their children to state schools, but it does require them to give them a minimum education. Despite this, homeschooling in Ireland is becoming increasingly popular.