Trafford Alabama offers a number of homeschool services. Some of the services offered include co-ops and classes. These co-ops and classes are beneficial for a variety of reasons. For example, they help your child build friendships and learn new skills. Another benefit is that they provide a safe place to work. In addition to co-ops and classes, there are also Read to Succeed programs offered.


Classes and co-ops

The state of Alabama provides a variety of classes and co-ops for homeschool services. Some offer a fun, interactive learning environment while others provide academically challenging courses. These resources can help homeschooling families get the most out of their education.

Local resource centers typically have a one-day-a-week drop-off program where students can receive instruction in a classroom setting. The curriculum at these centers is typically more academically rigorous than that of other homeschool organizations.

Some homeschool cooperatives are led by parent volunteers. These groups are designed to offer a supportive community for homeschooling parents. They usually offer group activities, group outings, and a variety of courses for students in grades K-12.

Many of the homeschool cooperatives in the metro-Birmingham area meet on a regular basis. They offer affordable classes and fun activities.

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In addition, many local cooperatives include social and nature-based activities, which can also be great ways to spend time with other homeschool families. A social co-op, for example, may offer a monthly game club or local field trip.


Read to Succeed Program

Read to Succeed is a well-regarded homeschool program that is a worthy addition to your calendar. Aside from the obligatory one-on-one sessions, your students will enjoy a slew of educational activities, ranging from the usual curriculum-based offerings to a plethora of enrichment opportunities. There are also many opportunities for parents to get their hands dirty and engage their kids in a healthy learning environment. The staff at the helm are some of the best in the business. Having said that, it is easy to feel as though the program has grown a little bloated over time. For instance, the homeschool teachers that have been on the radar for the better part of a decade have been replaced by a bevy of newcomers. To wit, a recent study revealed that as much as 20 percent of the students were on their way out the door. The program enlists both elementary and high school-aged children to take advantage of a four-week course.

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Southeast Homeschool Expo

The Southeast Homeschool Expo is the place to be if you’re in the southern United States and is looking for a worthy dose of the holy grail. This two-day convention features a number of awe-inspiring attractions such as educational exhibits, games, and shows. Aside from its illustrious homeschooled alumni, this event is also a prime opportunity to mingle with like-minded families and learn something new about the art of educating our own children. This particular event is held at the Cobb Galleria Center in Atlanta. For this year’s edition, the event will be held from July 26 through July 28, 2018. This year’s expo features more than a few awe-inspiring gimmicks, such as the largest display of homeschooling materials imaginable. Moreover, this expo’s two sexiest attendees will be treated to a night out at the fabulous Harrah’s Cherokee. For those in the mood to venture north, the venue’s location is a plus, as the mountains are right at your fingertips.

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Creekside Academy Learning Co-op

Creekside Academy Learning Co-op is a Christian homeschooling group that serves the north Alabama region. They provide a variety of services including classes led by parent volunteers and supplemental activities. This interdenominational group is located at Cross Point Church.

There are a number of local homeschool groups in the area. These clubs can be helpful in organizing lessons and outings, and can also be an excellent way to get to know other homeschooling families. They can also help to answer questions about the homeschooling process.

Another homeschooling group is the Homeschool Coverage and Support Group (HSCSG). HSCSG has over 200 families in the area and offers a variety of services, including dual enrollment high school classes, athletics, and online curriculum. The group also focuses on family-oriented activities and character education.

A third option for homeschoolers in the area is Academy Days Homeschool Co-op. This is a volunteer-operated cooperative that meets on Tuesdays. The organization teaches challenging subjects and is open to homeschoolers in AL who are covered by church schools.