There are a number of homeschool services in Perdido and Baileyton Alabama. These include Creekside Academy Learning Co-op, ECA-Shiloh Co-op, and Whitesburg Baptist Christian School. All of these schools are good options for those looking to homeschool their children.


Creekside Academy Learning Co-op

If you’re looking for an interdenominational Christian homeschooling group in northern Alabama, then you’ll want to check out Creekside Academy Learning Co-op. This organization offers cooperative classes for students in grades K-12. It is operated by parent volunteers. They meet once a week and offer courses on subjects based on the needs of their participants.

This group also provides social opportunities, academic enrichment, and support for parents. The group is a Christian-based support network that serves all areas of the Wiregrass. They are also active in the Blount County community.

A homeschool cooperative can provide a group learning environment, where students learn in a group under the guidance of an experienced teacher. Classes are divided by grade and one or more courses may be offered in each time slot. In addition, they will usually organize field trips on a regular basis.

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This organization also provides support for families in the Cullman area. Their site is a great resource for homeschooling parents and offers information on local events and resources.


Veritas School

The Veritas School is a Christian homeschooling institution. It offers a variety of services. Its offerings include a one-day per week class that focuses on classical subjects. Its academic services include tutors and support. Its teachers are experienced and qualified. Its curriculum is designed to teach the factual and the philosophic. The program even includes a “plant in your children’s thirst for knowledge” as the name suggests.

The Veritas School also offers an online program. This is a great way to supplement your homeschooling schedule. It’s a two-campus K-12th grade tutorial that offers a challenging and stimulating curriculum. Its unique approach to education is a good fit for families looking for a private education with a Christian focus. In addition, its online platform allows students to interact with a global community. In the process, they can make new friends, get help with their assignments, and learn from an international network of experts. Its curriculum is a blend of traditional education and current internet technology.

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Whitesburg Baptist Christian School

Whitesburg Baptist Christian School in Perdido and Baileyton, Alabama has been providing homeschool services to parents and students alike since 2008. While it’s not quite as glamorous as some of the more prestigious schools in the area, it’s a no-frills and no-nonsense institution that’s been going strong for nearly 50 years. They’ve got the budget, the resources, and the will to keep their students on the right path to success.

The best part is that the school’s main office is only a couple of blocks from Baileyton’s downtown district. The school’s homeschool website provides everything from contact information to tuition and course descriptions. They also have an impressive list of alumni, including one of the oldest homeschooling families in the state. Moreover, the school is a member of the Association of Christian Schools in Alabama (ACSA), a statewide nonprofit membership organization that seeks to promote a Christian worldview in the public school system.

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ECA-Shiloh Co-op

ECA-Shiloh Co-op provides a social outlet for homeschooling families in Perdido and Baileyton, Alabama. The group meets for twelve weeks each semester and offers classes for all ages. The volunteer-run cooperative is open to homeschoolers in Alabama who are covered by church schools. Typically, parents will teach classes themselves.

The ECHO support group is also a resource for homeschoolers in Elmore County, Alabama. Their website provides information on classes, social events, and more. The support group is free to join and is a great community resource. The Facebook page allows members to post questions and share pictures.

Another homeschooling group in Southeast Alabama is the Home Education and Responsible Teaching group. They provide support for homeschooling parents and academic enrichment activities for their children. Their Facebook page features information on homeschool events in Southeast Alabama. This group is a Christian homeschool support group and serves all areas of the Wiregrass. It is an excellent source of positive support for homeschooling.