There are a number of homeschool services in Hobson City Alabama to choose from if you are looking to give your child the education they deserve. Some of the schools you can find in the area include: Discovery Academy, Creekside Academy Learning Co-op, Fancher Education Center, Lion’s Gate Christian School, and Hidden Lake Farms.


Creekside Academy Learning Co-op

A homeschool co-op is a group of homeschooling families who join together to provide an educational opportunity for their children. This type of group is often run by parents who are volunteers who offer their expertise to teach a particular subject to their children. It is a great way to network with other parents and find a community of homeschoolers who are interested in learning about homeschooling in your area.

Creekside Academy Learning Co-op is an interdenominational homeschool group that offers supplemental activities and cooperative classes led by parent volunteers. It meets on Tuesdays from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. at Cross Point Church in Hobson City. It provides a variety of classes for students ages K-12. They also have field trips, fellowship, and more.

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Lion’s Gate Christian School

If you are in the market for an Alabama homeschool academy, you have plenty of choices. These days, you can choose from the likes of the Lion’s Gate Christian School, SMIC Academy, and the Franklin School. Each offers something a bit different to the homeschooling family.

The SMIC Academy is a church school that provides a variety of services to homeschooling families, from oversight to accountability to educational support. Unlike many of the more popular church-based homeschooling programs, the SMIC School does not require parents to submit an official statement of faith. Rather, it only asks you to show up for a minimum of two sessions each month. The staff is friendly and helpful, and the teachers are all certified.

While the SMIC School is not for the illiterate, it is worth a look for its educational support and the school’s emphasis on faith. The school also offers free placement tests for homeschooled students.

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Discovery Academy

Discovery Academy offers homeschool services in Hobson City Alabama that are more than just a high-quality education. They provide a competency-based approach and one-on-one attention. The school’s student advisors help students pace their learning, while the faculty offers individual attention. In addition to offering the best of the homeschool world, Discovery offers a robust Christian foundation.

The best part is that the Academy offers a well-rounded education for students of all ages and academic levels. A comprehensive course of study consists of a full slate of classes ranging from English and science to math and Spanish. As an additional benefit, students can begin their studies in the same classes they completed in their previous school. They can also use the same textbooks and work on the same projects.

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Hidden Lake Farms

If you’re in the Hobson City area and you’re looking for a fun and educational place to visit with your kids, you may want to consider Hidden Lake Farms. The facility is home to quail, chickens, turkeys, and dairy cows. The farm incorporates a cross-curricular approach to education. For example, if you come in for a homeschool field trip, you’ll find that you’ll get to learn about how quail are made, how to raise chickens, how to care for a turkey, and much more.

If you’re looking for a homeschool service in Hobson City, you may also want to check out 5 Rivers, which offers several activities for students. The site features a theater, exhibit hall, learning center, and a nature trail. The site is free to visit seven days a week. It also has a boat tour that allows you to explore the Mobile-Tensaw Delta.