If you have a homeschool child and are in the Eva, Alabama area, there are many resources available to help you educate them. Some of these include the ECA-Shiloh Co-op, Lion’s Gate Christian School, Creekside Academy Learning Co-op, and the Homeschool Legal Defense Association.


Creekside Academy Learning Co-op

Creekside Academy Learning Co-op is an interdenominational group of Christian homeschooling families in north Alabama. They provide a range of fun activities and cooperative classes led by parent volunteers. They also offer the chance for students and parents to socialize. They meet at Cross Point Church on Tuesdays during the school year from 9:00am to 2:00pm. During the summer, they hold a day of field trips and supplemental activities.

The most interesting part of the Co-op is the fact that the classes are tailored to the individual needs of participating families. For example, the upper school students will have rotating blocks of classes that cover the core subjects of a typical school year. In addition, the lower schoolers will receive instruction on the basics of their subjects throughout the day.

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The Co-op also has a Facebook page, a website, and an online curriculum. They also offer dual enrollment for high school students. They also provide networking and resource-sharing opportunities.


ECA-Shiloh Co-op

Homeschool services in Eva Alabama include the Way Home Christian School, which offers online homeschooling courses and homeschool support groups. They also provide dual enrollment classes for high school students. This Christian school serves Huntsville, Decatur, and Cullman, among others. They have a library of educational materials, and offer a curriculum guide. They also offer a variety of athletics and additional outings throughout the year.

Another place for homeschool services in Eva Alabama is the Open Tent Academy. They specialize in math and reading. They have hand-selected instructors. They provide excellent classes, and have many teachers that are experts in their field. These are great classes to help your child.

The Homeschool Coverage and Support Group (HCSG) is another group that provides services for homeschooling families. They have over 200 members and offer a variety of classes and activities. They also have online curriculum, dual enrollment for high school students, and family-friendly events. They offer weekly coop classes and two field trips a month.

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Lion’s Gate Christian School

There are a multitude of reasons to attend a Christian school in a Christian community. For the uninitiated, Christian education equates to the pursuit of God and his kingdom. With an emphasis on the Christian faith, there is little doubt that Lions Gate Christian Academy provides a wholesome education for the mind, body and soul. In a nutshell, the school’s emphasis on theology and service to others sets the tone for a virtuous learning experience. From an early age, your child is exposed to a wealth of biblically based learning and enrichment activities. The same is true of a variety of sports and extracurricular activities that complement the core curriculum.


Homeschool Legal Defense Association

The Homeschool Legal Defense Association is one of the largest national homeschool advocacy organizations in the United States. It is a nonprofit organization that is focused on protecting the constitutional right of parents to direct their children’s education. The organization is led by a team of attorneys and homeschooling parents.

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In addition to providing legal representation, the Home School Legal Defense Association offers a variety of resources and educational tools. It also tracks legislation on homeschooling.

The Home School Legal Defense Association is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization. As such, it is tax-exempt under the IRS rules.

HSLDA members have access to a range of programs and services including a monthly newsletter, case updates, legal research, and discounts on HSLDA Store and Michael Farris’s online Constitutional Law course. The organization has worked to protect the freedoms of private homeschoolers for nearly three decades.

The Home School Legal Defense Association advocates for state and federal legislation that is supportive of homeschooling families. The association works in conjunction with local homeschool organizations, legislators, and homeschooling families.