The state of Alabama offers a variety of homeschool services. Whether you’re interested in taking advantage of the state’s five rivers, or you’d like to attend a hands-on history program, there’s something for you. Here are five options.


Alabama Nature Center

Alabama Nature Center is a great place to learn about local culture and the environment. It uses a multi-disciplinary approach to conservation education and offers several field trip opportunities for homeschool students. Whether you are looking for a weekend activity or a daylong adventure, there are programs for your group.

The Alabama Wildlife Center is a wildlife rehabilitation center that works to improve the health of native animals in the state. They care for over 250 animals. In addition, they educate people about the problems that native species face and how to help protect them.

The Mobile Bay Museum is located on a former WWII battleship and allows visitors to experience hands-on learning about maritime topics. They have a ship tour and a visit to the USS Alabama.

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Educators with kids in tow should know that the city has a ton of attractions and activities to choose from. Fortunately, most of them are free or nearly so. From museum tours to day camps to the plethora of sandboxes and the sandboxes of sandboxes, Columbia has what you’re looking for. The best of the best are located downtown, in close proximity to a good ole fashioned pub or two. Besides, what better way to unwind after a hectic work week than to stroll the halls of fame or snag a sandbox or two to get your groove on. You can even go big on the weekends if you’re willing to schlep.


Hands-on-History Program

The Hands-on-History Program at Columbia Alabama homeschool services is a great place for kids to learn about history. Children are able to see lifelike exhibits and participate in hands-on activities. This program was developed in 1997 by the museum. It was funded by the Alabama Power Foundation in 2004.

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The program uses the living-history method. Children are able to participate in demonstrations, such as churning butter, weaving, and feeding chickens. The activities help children learn about history while having fun at the same time. This program is offered seven days a week.

The program also offers live theatrical experiences for students. These programs are a great way to learn about the history of Columbia Alabama, including how the Civil War began, how a fire department was created, and more.



There is a lot of information out there about homeschooling in Alabama. There are many coops and organizations to choose from. Some of these organizations are more than just schools, though. For example, there are also clubs and events organized by church groups, which may be worth investigating. You should also check out the many homeschool resources available online. Among the best of these are the Homeschool Coverage and Support Group and the SCA (State Christian Association).

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The Homeschool Coverage and Support Group is a good place to start, as it has over 200 families enrolled plus provides athletics and other fun activities for children and teens of all ages. In fact, the organization offers a dual enrollment class for high school students. In addition to overseeing a variety of coops, they offer several online curriculum resources and an online forum for communication.