The importance of social capital and structured inequality in our society is highlighted in this course. Early childhood education in Ireland for international students shows children how the construction of differences and systems of inequality shape their lives. They will also explore how children create their own social identities. This course is a must-attend for those interested in working with children.


Module content

The curriculum of early childhood education in Ireland is based on children’s rights, agency and participatory practice. In addition to the core content, the program includes a wide variety of interactive learning methodologies. Module content is designed to address the social, cultural, and environmental contexts in which children grow up.


Placement opportunities

Students who wish to pursue a career in early childhood education can undertake a supervised work-based placement. This will help them to develop valuable skills and experience in their chosen field and to apply their knowledge and understanding in the professional world. The program also includes a written thesis for fourth-year students, which allows them to focus on a specific area of interest.

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Course structure

Designed to prepare students to work with young children, the course focuses on early childhood development and early intervention. It aims to provide students with the skills and knowledge to develop inclusive environments, as well as to enhance children’s social and emotional well-being. The programme includes practical, problem-based learning and research modules. Students will also learn about assessment, design and evaluation.


Course content

The Early Childhood Education (ECE) degree programme aims to train graduates to work with young children in early childhood education facilities and schools. The course focuses on early childhood development and includes educational, psychological and social perspectives. In addition, it includes tuition in music, drama, art and practical skills.


Course duration

An Early Childhood Education degree programme aims to train students to work with children between the ages of 0-6 years and run childcare facilities. It provides a comprehensive grounding in the psychological, social and educational needs of children. The course also includes training in art, drama, music, and practical skills.

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Course fees

Students who are planning to study Early Childhood Education and Care can take up this course in Ireland. This four-year programme is delivered either part-time or full-time and aims to provide a broad, theoretical background in the field. The programme also aims to provide students with practical skills, which are essential in the field.