Compass school furniture is Ireland’s largest trade supplier of educational furniture, and has a network of dealers across the country. Contact a dealer to find out more about the pricing and availability of specific products. You can also request a quote to get a price for the furniture you need. The website offers a variety of products, including classroom tables, student chairs, and storage units.


Products: Classroom tables

There is a wide range of Kindergarten tables available in Ireland to meet all of the needs of your early year’s classroom. These tables are an essential element of the learning environment in primary schools and they must be made for maximum comfort and support for the students. Choosing the right table is crucial for children’s well-being as they will be seated at them for long periods.

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Student chairs

Students in kindergartens and preschools need comfortable seating that will support their development and growth. Student chairs are a great choice for the kindergarten classroom. Featuring a weight capacity of 440 pounds and a padded seat and back for comfort, these chairs are also gender-neutral and ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments. The durable metal frame and non-marring plastic floor glide ensure that they won’t mark the floor.

When choosing student chairs for kindergartens and preschools, consider the child’s height and weight. Remember that children grow at different rates and therefore the optimal height for the chair can vary significantly between different grade levels. To measure the correct height of the seat, simply place the chair on a flat surface. Next, measure the height of the seat from the highest point on the chair’s seat to the floor.

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