Choosing a kindergarten backpack in Canada is the first step to getting your child’s supplies organized. It can also act as a place to keep the child’s hygiene supplies. Kids should always be reminded to wash their hands throughout the day. Adding a bottle of hand sanitiser to the outside of the backpack can help them remember to do so. Another useful item to keep in the backpack is a child information sheet. It should include the child’s name, date of birth, and parent’s name. You can also attach a cable tie to the inside of the backpack.


Durable kids’ school backpacks

If your child is in school and you are shopping for a backpack for him or her, you may want to consider a sturdy backpack with lots of compartments. A sturdy bag can hold everything your child needs, from books to sports equipment, and it will make sure your child is safe while on the move. Look for a durable one made of robust, water and abrasion-resistant fabric. These bags are also padded for comfort and come with an adjustable chest strap for extra support. Some even feature reflective trim for added safety.

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When choosing a durable backpack, look for several features, including multiple compartments and a front pocket. Some backpacks come with large zippered compartments, while others may only feature one. Some bags have front and side pockets, while others have a single large compartment for a small laptop.


Securing your child’s backpack

A child’s backpack can be a major source of security for a school. It should not weigh more than ten to fifteen percent of your child’s body weight. For example, a 10-year-old boy’s weight in Canada is about 50 lbs. Therefore, a child of this size should only be carrying 7.5 lbs in a backpack.

When purchasing a backpack carrier, look for one that has a five-point harness. This is an important safety feature because it helps prevent the child from slipping through. Some backpack carriers have lap belts that separate from the shoulder straps. These are not as effective, and the lap belts may allow the child to slip out.

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Packing your child’s backpack with supplies

Before the first day of school, spend about five minutes each night prepping your child’s backpack with essential supplies. Make sure to keep the weight of the backpack to a minimum. The entire pack should not weigh more than six pounds. Choose a sturdy backpack with ergonomic straps. The backpack should be lightweight and easy to carry. Carefully select the items you put in your child’s backpack. Include a small folder to hold loose sheets, homework, and letters at home.

For safety reasons, keep a bottle of hand sanitiser in the backpack. Kids are known to have accidents and may want to have clean hands throughout the day. Putting a bottle of hand sanitiser in the backpack will remind your child to apply it often. Also, make sure your child knows where to find your contact information in case of an emergency.

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