There are many challenges of Summer homeschooling in Mareeba. Some of these challenges last longer than the summer break and are related to identity and authority struggles. Some parents see themselves as teachers, while others think of themselves more as guides or co-learners. Regardless of how parents perceive their roles, they can all face an identity crisis and a struggle to be seen as authority figures.


Networking with homeschoolers during the summer

For homeschoolers in the area, networking with other homeschoolers can be an invaluable resource. While there are many different activities and events in the region, most of them are less active during the summer months. As a result, finding a homeschool group, homeschool friends, and resources can be challenging.


Taking a long break from school

If you want summer homeschooling in Mareeba for your children, you will need to apply to the Department of Education. The application process is relatively simple, but there are several requirements that you should meet. For example, you must provide a detailed weekly learning plan and your child’s identification documents. Your educational plan must also adhere to the National Curriculum, but you can apply for exemptions if you want. After you have submitted your application, a Department of Education officer or local principal will visit your home and evaluate your plan. Once you’re approved, you must submit your full registration application 20 days before the end of the three months, along with a Parent Report.

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Before you jump right into homeschooling, it’s important to take a break. Most children, especially teens, need some downtime after leaving public school. A few weeks off is enough for most children.