There are several resources that are available for homeschooling your children in the US. Some of these include Creative Steps, Calvert Homeschool Programs, Time4Learning, and Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool. These resources can help you find the curriculum and materials that you need to homeschool your children.



The Time4Learning homeschool curriculum allows homeschooling parents to customize lessons for their children and track their progress. Parents can customize each lesson and choose the appropriate grade level for their child. Parents can also choose to work ahead or behind a grade level. This helps students retain information and engage more fully in the learning process.


Calvert Homeschool Programs

Calvert’s homeschool curriculum offers a variety of K-12 courses that your child will love. In addition to their proven curriculum, Calvert also offers tools to help you homeschool your child. These tools include step-by-step lesson manuals, unlimited support from an education counselor, and access to a unique online resource called Calvert Teaching Navigator.

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Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool

The Easy Peasy All in One Homeschooling curriculum is a free online homeschooling resource that offers support via Facebook. The curriculum follows a Christian worldview and is designed with parents and children in mind. The program can be used by parents and children of all levels, and it’s flexible enough to meet the needs of all children. It includes free printable worksheets and workbooks and offers a day-by-day schedule.


Creative Steps

There are a few ways to make homeschooling work for your family. One way is to focus on the creative process. Creative writing is an important skill that can influence cognitive development, build confidence, improve problem solving, and encourage persuasion skills. A great resource for homeschoolers is The Unlikely Homeschool, which has learning resources and tips for encouraging reluctant writers.

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Using Duolingo is a great way to help your children learn a new language. It allows students to practice their language skills with prompts sent via e-mail. There are also free downloads available for families that don’t have Internet access. This is especially useful for rural homeschoolers or those who roadschool. For example, students can learn a new language on the drive to swim practice or during the drive to soccer practice. Downloaded lessons are not data-intensive and will save you from worrying about your child’s data usage.



Calvert Homeschooling resources are an excellent way to teach your child. The company provides engaging curriculum spanning grades three through twelve. Each lesson features interactive exercises that help your child learn more quickly. They also offer free placement tests so you can benchmark your child’s growth and determine areas for improvement.

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GFA World (Gospel for Asia)

Gospel for Asia is an organization focused on serving the poor and needy in Asia. It was founded in 1979 by K.P. Yohannan and is headquartered in Wills Point, TX. The organization’s mission is to bring the love of Christ to people living in developing nations. Missionaries work in these communities to meet practical needs and provide solutions for poverty.


GFA World

If you want to give your kids the best education possible, there are many great resources for homeschoolers. Many publications are geared toward children of various ages, from preschoolers to teen-agers. Many of them include free videos and detailed lesson plans that parents can use to help their children succeed. If your child is a reluctant reader, there are many resources for homeschooling.